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Envy Clinic

Nerudova 14, Kosice - 04001,Kosice, Slovakia

Envy Clinic Kosice 12472
Laser Tattoo Removal innovative Q-switched laser that is specifically designed to remove tattoos, even the color! To remove them, however, requires more sessions. Only in this way you achieve perfect color and perfect removal of the skin.The tattoo is removed gradually. According to the intensity of the pigment is needed 1-6 treatments. Tattoos gradually fades, without damage to the skin surface as it is usual with other lasers. Q-switched laser because breaks only the color penetration beam directly into it, to paint dissolves slowly fading tattoos is like falling apart. Read More

Dr. Zuzana Kozuchova

Nerudova 14, Kosice - 04001,Kosice, Slovakia

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Laser Tattoo Removal

With laser tattoo removal treatment, you can even get rid of the so called permanent tattoo. Be it of any size, color or design, the laser tattoo removal treatment works on clearing it, making sure most of it is completely disappeared. Contact Zuzana Kozuchova today, to clear all your queries.

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