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Praxisklinik Urania

28 Lowenstrasse, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Praxisklinik Urania Zurich 9481
Treatment for Wrinkles The older a person gets, the less elastic is his skin. This is particularly evident in the face, where there are several different problem areas. In some places, for example, takes the subcutaneous fatty tissue with age from at others. In addition, reduce muscle mass and elasticity. Numerous new gentle methods that do not require incisions and anesthesia, can be used in expression lines, sagging jowls, with crows feet as well as against scars, acne, sun or age spots. For every skin problem there is at least one solution. For experienced physicians can provide relief with injections of fat or hyaluronic acid, with Botox, with scrubs and Hautabschleifungen, with the laser or with the thread lifting. Read More

Dr Daniel Fuchs and Partners

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Daniel Fuchs and Partners Zurich 12291
Treatment for Wrinkles The aging depends on very different factors. External factors such as too much ultraviolet light, cigarette smoke, mishandling of your skin, are easy to influence. The internal factors age and gender play an important role. The subcutaneous fat is sparse, the epidermis thinner and veins are more visible. Wrinkles. Read More

Aesthetics and Laser Center Zurich

Dorfstrasse 94, Zurich - 8706,Zurich, Switzerland

Aesthetics and Laser Center Zurich Zurich 12297
Treatment for Wrinkles

Utoquai Clinic

41 Utoquai, Zurich - 8008,Zurich, Switzerland

Utoquai Clinic Zurich
Treatment for Wrinkles Wrinkles can be tightened on non-surgical way. In the injections We fill the fabric with hyaluronic acid (synthetic collagen). In mimic wrinkles injections prove itself to the natural protein botulinum toxin (Vistabel). For best results, we are happy to combine botulinum toxin with lower spraying. Each of these treatments works usually two to six months. Read More

Riverside Centre

29 Schanzengraben , Zurich - 8002,Zurich, Switzerland

Riverside Centre Zurich
Treatment for Wrinkles Wrinkles can be seen as a sign of maturity and of the personality. But what if wrinkles are so strong that they are perceived as very annoying? How reduce wrinkles? In this case, thoroughly recommend a wrinkle treatment. In Riverside Center in Zurich you follow this a gentle and effective treatment strategy. Read More

Bellevue Esthetics

Theater Road 14, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Bellevue Esthetics Zurich 12300
Treatment for Wrinkles The emergence of facial wrinkles is a natural aging process. Their presence shows maturity and lifts the individual Outer produced markedly. Wrinkles are a certain age simply do so. However, if facial wrinkles are particularly strong, this can quickly lead to a rutted, leached, haggard, grim or even prematurely aged face also. An excessively strong development of wrinkles, but need not be. There are many ways facial wrinkles gradually to minimize or even eliminate entirely Read More

DERMA Swiss Medical

Seidengasse 18, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

DERMA Swiss Medical Zurich
Treatment for Wrinkles With hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections injections with hyaluronic acid to smooth wrinkles or to give your mouth a fuller, more sensuous form, no foreign substances are necessary. Injections achieved this effect by means of hyaluronic acid, a natural endogenous substance. In the skin, it binds water and gives it characterized youthful suppleness. Read More

Topal Aesthetics

24 Englischviertelstrasse, Zurich - 8032,Zurich, Switzerland

Topal Aesthetics Zurich
Treatment for Wrinkles

Dr. Daniel Fuchs

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Fuchs Zurich 17476 1
Treatment for Wrinkles

Dr. Karin Gaida

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Karin Gaida Zurich 17477 1
Treatment for Wrinkles
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