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Dr James Platis

58 E Walton St, 3rd Floor, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Dr James Platis Chicago 13138
Dermabrasion Dermabrasion should not be confused with microdermabrasion and is actually more similar to laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing removes the top layer of skin whereas dermabrasion refinishes the top layer of skin using a method of controlled surgical abrasion. This method leaves the skin looking much smoother and refreshed. Read More

InnovaMed Aesthetic Care

2601 N Main Street, Rockford - 61103,Illinois, United States

InnovaMed Aesthetic Care Rockford 3644

Dermabrasion help to refinish the skins top layers through a method of controlled surgical scraping. The treatments soften the sharp edges of surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance.

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J S Hasan Plastic Surgery

801 North Cass Avenue Suite 202, Westmont - 60523,Illinois, United States

J S Hasan Plastic Surgery Westmont 1739

Dermabrasion is most often used to improve the look of facial skin left scarred by accidents or previous surgery, or to smooth out fine facial wrinkles. It's also sometimes used to remove the pre-cancerous growths called keratoses. Dermabrasion is also commonly used to treat deep acne scars.

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University Plastic Surgery

9000 Waukegan Rd Suite 210, Morton - 60053,Illinois, United States

University Plastic Surgery Morton 1818

Dermabrasion a can be performed on small areas of skin or on the entire face. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as facelift, scar removal or revision, or chemical peel.

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MAE Plastic Surgery

1535 Lake Cook Rd Suite 211, Northbrook - 60062,Illinois, United States

MAE Plastic Surgery Northbrook

Dermabrasion produces substantial changes in the appearance of the skin by injuring it in a controlled manner using an abrasive. Dermabrasion is most often used to treat certain types of scarring and aged skin.

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Georgis Plastic Surgery

6030 Garrett Lane, Rockford - 61107,Illinois, United States

Georgis Plastic Surgery Rockford 1970

Microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical technique that affects only the superficial dead layer of the skin, producing transient changes. Microdermabrasion is often administered by nonphysician professionals.

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Valley Plastic Surgery

350 S 8th Street, Schaumburg - 60118,Illinois, United States

Valley Plastic Surgery Schaumburg

Dermabrasion produces controlled skin damage involving the deeper layers of the skin. The resulting wound heals with a scar that is cosmetically superior to what was there originally.

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Dr Stephen Bayne

515 Valley View Drive Suite 201, Moline - 61265,Illinois, United States

Dr Stephen Bayne Moline

The conditions of dermabrasionseem to respond to acne scarring, traumatic scars,nose enlargement in rosacea, wrinkles, tattoo removal, and actinic keratoses (very early stage of skin cancer). Currently, there are other available modalities, including laser surgery, which are more popular and probably more effective because they seem to be more controllable. Lighter-skinned individuals generally get more reliable results because they are less likely to develop increased pigmentation after the procedure. Patients who have recently been treated with isotretinoin (Accutane) should avoid dermabrasion for at least six months.

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The Center for Cosmetic Medicine

2 Memorial Dr Ste 310, Decatur - 62526,Illinois, United States

The Center for Cosmetic Medicine Decatur

Dermabrasion is an exfoliating technique that uses a rotating instrument to remove the outer layers of skin, usually on the face. This treatment is popular with people who wish to improve the appearance of their skin.

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Gordon H Derman Plastic Surgery

1725 W. Harrison Suite 740, Chicago - 60612,Illinois, United States

Gordon H Derman Plastic Surgery Chicago

Dermabrasion can also treat conditions like include fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven texture. It is a safe procedure and very affordable too. It produces natural results.

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