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Dr. Carlos Giordanelli

Avenida Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires - 1280,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Carlos Giordanelli Buenos Aires 18176 1
Gastric Band

Dr. Alejandro Grigaites

Av. Las Heras, Buenos Aires - 35158,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Alejandro Grigaites Buenos Aires
Gastric Band

Dr Alejandro Grigaites

Av. Las Heras, Buenos Aires - 35158,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Alejandro Grigaites Buenos Aires 12947
Gastric Band The adjustable gastric band is one of the most popular restrictive procedures in Europe and Australia. It has also achieved widespread in the United States since its approval by the FDA in 2001. However, in Argentina for various reasons, has not gained so great popularity. While our group shows a marked tendency to perform other bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, we know that there are patients who have been placed an adjustable gastric band and need help. What is the adjustable gastric band ? the surgery involves placing a silicone ring (Fig. 1) around the upper stomach region, thus forming a hourglass (Fig. 2). How does gastric Banding work? the gastric band is a purely restrictive procedures, ie, produces weight loss only by reducing the amount of food ingested by the patient. Read More

Cirbba Cirugia Bariatrica

Avenida Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires - 1280,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Cirbba Cirugia Bariatrica Buenos Aires
Gastric Band This procedure is performed laparoscopically. Place a silicone ring around the upper stomach, dividing it into two parts: a small upper (pouch) and a lower larger. This ring is inflatable and is connected to a device that is located below the skin. Through this device, injected saline (outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia), which allows inflating the band (what we call set). As the band is inflated: reduces the opening communicating the small upper stomach portion (pouch) to lower the amount of food eaten is lower (restriction), the residence time of the feed in the upper stomach is greater, resulting in early and lasting satiety. All this leads to decrease in weight. The adjustments are made when the patient has no satiety or not obtained the expected weight loss. Are made within one month after surgery, and then within two years following surgery. Match requirements depend on the evolution of the individual patient. Read More
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