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Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

9201 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 805 West Hollywood, Los Angeles - 90069 ,California, United States

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

A chin implant can be done on its own, or is sometimes recommended to rhinoplasty patients to help achieve balanced facial proportion. In both men and women, a chin implant can correct a weak chin, improve jowls, balance out a face and improve mouth posture

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Wave Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center

3680 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd FL. Los Angeles,, Los Angeles - 90010,California, United States

Wave Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

Chin augmentation can enhance the contours of your face, and also improve balance by making the chin more proportionate with the rest of your facial features. This procedure is often combined with rhinoplasty as an appropriately sized chin can balance out the strength of the nose. Chin augmentation may also be combined with other facial surgeries to rejuvenate the face and obtain facial symmetry and harmony.

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Beverly Hills Body

2080 CENTURY PARK EAST STE 501 LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles - 90067,California, United States

Beverly Hills Body Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

A chin implant can offset the aesthetic downsides of a receding chin, such as a nose that looks larger and a lack of definition in the neck.

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Geoffrey R Keyes Plastic Surgery

2080 Century Park E, Ste 1202 Los Angeles, Los Angeles - 90067 ,California, United States

Geoffrey R Keyes Plastic Surgery Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

Your facial structure is largely defined by the shape and size of your chin. If you have a weak or sloping chin, it can have a significant effect on your appearance and self-confidence. A chin implant will enhance your facial contours and give your features greater definition

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Dr Jennifer Keagle Aesthetic Surgery

1245 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 601 Los Angeles,, Los Angeles - 90017,California, United States

Dr Jennifer Keagle Aesthetic Surgery Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

By altering the appearance of your chin, you can restore the balance of your face by altering your own bony structure beneath the surface. You may want to correct asymmetries and improve the projection of your chin (augmentation genioplasty) or decrease the projection (reduction genioplasty). We do this by cutting and fixating the bones of the lower jaw through a small incision in the mouth.

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The Art of Cosmetic Surgery

9201 Sunset Blvd Suite 910 Los Angeles, Los Angeles - 90069,California, United States

The Art of Cosmetic Surgery Los Angeles
Gastric Banding

This operation is performed to correct a small or receding chin, resulting in a more dynamic appearance. Often it is combined with nasal surgery to bring both features into better harmony. The procedure is performed by placing a silicone implant over the prominence of the chin through an incision made in the mouth or under the chin.

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