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Park Avenue plastic Surgery

784 Park Avenue Manhattan, Manhattan - 10021,Illinois, United States

Park Avenue plastic Surgery Manhattan
Gastric Banding

A balanced face and jawline is a classic symbol of aesthetics in the both the male and female physique. Aside from not meeting societys perception of a well defined and balanced face, a weak chin can also cause other facial features to appear disproportionate and can create a poor facial profile. Many male and female patients unhappy with the appearance of their chin may be able to achieve a successful change through a chin augmentation. Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty, is a surgical procedure that places an implant directly on the jawbone to create a strong, defined and natural-looking chin that matches the patients realistic goals and leaves him or her with an attractive, balanced appearance.

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Dr. Laurie Lee

, Clinton - ,Illinois, United States

Laurie Lee Clinton 19103 1
Gastric Banding

Dr. Naresh Ahuja

, Carbondale - ,Illinois, United States

Naresh Ahuja Carbondale 19106 1
Gastric Banding

Green Berg Cosmetic Surgery

461park Avenue South Manhattan, Manhattan - 10016,Illinois, United States

Green Berg Cosmetic Surgery Manhattan
Gastric Banding

Genioplasty or chin augmentation is a surgical procedure to reshape or increase the size of the chin for better projection and appearance. It can balance the profile by extending the chin in relationship to the nose.

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Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

#640, 1 E Erie St,, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery Chicago
Gastric Banding

Implant surgery, also referred to as mentoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to permanently augment the size of ones chin with the use of an implant. Chin implant surgery may be performed on its own, though it is often combined with rhinoplasty in order to achieve the best facial balance. Good candidates for chin implants include healthy men and women whose chins are lacking in projection.

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Zukowski FFS

3612 West Lake Avenue Wilmette, Chicago - 60091,Illinois, United States

Zukowski FFS Chicago
Gastric Banding

Often a chin implant may be suggested to patients to increase chin projection by inexperienced FFS surgeons.  It is very infrequent that one augments the chin if one is able to successfully create an effective feminine concavity to the soft tissue of the neck.

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Steven H Dayan MD

845 N. Michigan Ave Suite 923 East Chicago, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Steven H Dayan MD Chicago
Gastric Banding

An underdeveloped chin is often an oversight that is not recognized by the patient. Although frequently done as an isolated procedure, chin augmentation can place the finishing touches on other facial surgery. A weak chin can give the appearance of a large nose or a short neckline, and in males, a recessed chin may lead to a false perception of timidity or weakness.

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Shifrin Plastic Surgery

680 North Lake Shore Dr. Suite 1425 Chicago, United States, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Shifrin Plastic Surgery Chicago
Gastric Banding

Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to balance the face. Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or alteration of the underlying bone. Chin surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other facial surgeries

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New Life Weight Loss Center

, Carbondale - ,Illinois, United States

NewLifeWeightLossCenter Carbondale 14057 1
Gastric Banding

Illinois Bariatric Center

, Clinton - ,Illinois, United States

IllinoisBariatricCenter Clinton 14054 1
Gastric Banding
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