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Dr. Daniel Rosen

, New York City - ,New York, United States

Daniel Rosen New York City 19117 1
Gastric Band

Dr. Julio Teixeira

186 East 76th Street,, New York City - 10021,New York, United States

Julio Teixeira New York City 17898 1
Gastric Band

Dr William Graber

104 Union Ave Ste 809, New York City - 13203,New York, United States

Dr William Graber New York City
Gastric Band gastric band, the patient has the same small thumbnail size abdominal incisions as the gastric bypass. Through these incisions, the surgeon places a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch above it. As with the gastric bypass, the pouch is the key to the way the operation works. Filling the small pouch with a few bites of food will make a patient feel like they have eaten a very large meal, so they will want to eat less. Read More

Dr Julio Teixeira

186 East 76th Street,, New York City - 10021,New York, United States

Dr Julio Teixeira New York City
Gastric Band The LAP-BAND is another weight loss option available to bariatric candidates. It is a silicone band which is placed around the top part of the stomach resulting in the creation of a small pouch designed to hold around an ounce of food. As a result, less food is needed for a person to feel full. Since it was approved by the FDA in June 2001, over 650,000 people have chosen the LAP-BAND as their preferred method of attaining long term weight loss. Read More

Weight Zen

, New York City - ,New York, United States

WeightZen New York City 14068 1
Gastric Band

The gastric banding surgery will commence with the infusion of anesthesia in the body. During the surgery, you will be in a sleeping mode. The surgery uses a tiny camera that is placed in your belly.The camera is called a laparoscope.

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