It is often said that it is essential to create a "Knowledge Sharing Culture" as part of a Knowledge Management initiative.

In order to enrich a company’s current culture Paresh Doshi & Neha Doshi believe that change must first come from within the individual. Every employee has a sphere of influence along with their own individual Knowledge, and this is where zest for learning meets knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge and Information Management

Knowledge is often seen as a rich form of information. This differentiation however is not terribly helpful. A more useful definition of knowledge is that it is about know-how and know-why. It is important to note that to make knowledge productive you need information.

"Knowledge Management is a business philosophy. It is an emerging set of principles, processes, organisational structures, and technology applications that help people share and leverage their knowledge to meet their business objectives."

The most effective way to create a knowledge sharing culture – is first to start to practice it at your level. The higher up the organisation the more effective you will be in changing the culture but even if you are low down the hierarchy – you have an influence. Second, put in place the knowledge sharing technology and train and educate people in its effective use. The two together – people with the appropriate knowledge sharing mindset and the appropriate knowledge sharing technology to support them will rapidly bring about a knowledge sharing culture that helps you better meet your business objectives.

Way to share knowledge with Society –

Paresh Doshi as IT passionate Director always believes in knowledge sharing. We started providing internships to students of Colleges like L&T Institute of Technology on SEO, Software Development, Software Testing, Technical Support and Social Media Marketing.

Our training experience, investment in technology allows us to maximize every student’s satisfaction while staying ahead of the competition. It is designed for students of all level who wish to add their work with skills in developing and distributing work by adding wings to digital technology.