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Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra

San Jose de Calasanz 176, Buenos Aires - 1428,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Ricardo Hoogstra Buenos Aires 6657 1

Aesthetic Trip

Av. Santa Fe 1707 1 piso, Buenos Aires - 2134,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Aesthetic Trip Buenos Aires
Facelift It is a surgical procedure to give a more beautiful and youthful facial appearance. It involves the removal of excess facial skin and its redraping.To get longer lasting results, the surgery also comprises the neck and cheeks, so that tissues are repositioned. Scars are hidden in the scalp, along the front and back edge of the ear, so that signs of the procedure are practically invisible. Read More


San Jose de Calasanz 176, Buenos Aires - 1428,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Hoogstra Buenos Aires 4902

Face lift is often combined with brow lift and nose reshaping procedure to achieve balanced outcome. Prospective patient should discuss their needs and expectation about the procedure frankly with board certified doctor.

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Dr. Ruben Dreszman

Bulnes 1813, 1er Piso, Dpto. A, Buenos Aires - 1426,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Ruben Dreszman Buenos Aires

Dr. Claudio Saladino

Paraguay 1615 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - C1062ACA,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Claudio Saladino Buenos Aires 6673 1

Dr Edga Cisneros

Jose Evaristo Uriburu, 1252 6 to F Ciudad Autonoma de, Buenos Aires - C1114AAJ,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Edga Cisneros Buenos Aires
Facelift As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun and stress of daily life can be noticed in their faces. The facelift procedure can improve the most visible signs of aging by repositioning the structures of the face, such as cheeks, cheek bone, and jaw line. A facelift can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift, eyelid surgery, or Rhinoplasty. A mini-lift may be useful for younger patients. Read More


11 de Septiembre 750, Buenos Aires - 1425,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Xetica Buenos Aires 4716

A pretty face can really help person in their daily mundane activities. Face lift is a cosmetic enhancement treatment utilized by many to craft and improve facial allure. Contact Xetica today, to know more about face lift.

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Versace Patat

Loria 402 Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires - 1832,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Versace Patat Buenos Aires 4728

Want to know how much face lift procedure would cost in city? Contact Versace Patat, to find detailed price structure of your face lift procedure. Our expert in face lift procedure doctor would draw out a plan best suited to your needs.

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Dr Federico Aldaz

Balcarce 3501 Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires - B7606DPA,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Federico Aldaz Buenos Aires 4730

Face lift is just like any other cosmetic procedure used by many to enhance and rejuvenate facial contour. Face lift has proven to be far more successful method then rest of the over the counter methods available.

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Centro Medico Barrancas

Jose Hernandez 1718, Buenos Aires - 1426,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Centro Medico Barrancas Buenos Aires

Face lift surgery is usually combined with nose job, brow lift and chin lift procedure. Although many of these methods are optional one should certainly take advice of the surgeon into consideration. Contact Centro Medico Barrancas to book a consultation with our board certified doctor.

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