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Dr. Fabrice Rogge

St. Claradreef 77,, Brugge - 8000,West-vlaanderen, Belgium

Fabrice Rogge Brugge 15118 1

Plastische Heelkunde

University Hospital Brussels Laarbeeklaan 101, Brussels - 1090,Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Plastische Heelkunde Brussels 10413
Facelift Under the influence of gravity, the sun, smoking, stress and age our face can lose its youthful, glowing shape. The skin slackens, the jawline loses its straight contour and the naso-labial fold is deeper. A facelift can not stop the aging process, but the clock may again run for a while. The classic facelift is a surgical procedure where the skin of the neck and cheeks over a large area is detached from the substrate and tightened towards the hairline above and behind-below the auricle. Often, this is, however, insufficient. A more sustainable results can only be achieved by also tightening the deeper tissue layer. Read More

Espace Tete et Cou Messidor

Avenue de Messidor 217, Brussels - 1180,Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Espace Tete et Cou Messidor Brussels
Facelift tightens the skin and muscle fascia of the lower face to the temples.Hospitalization: 1 day.Duration: 3-4 hours. dressing type hood 2 days.Son and staples in hair: 5-12 days. Scars: very discreet; in hair, pre- and post-auricular. Result: 1 months or more. Read More

Beau Care

Peutiesesteenweg 111, Brussels - 1830,Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Beau Care Brussels 10433
Facelift The aging of our face is accelerated by certain factors such as gravity, sun exposure, smoking, stress and age. The skin relaxes, jaw loses its contour and the nasolabial fold deepens. A facelift will not stop this aging process, but it will help to return to the past. At the first consultation, you can also talk about other facelifts with your plastic surgeon: the mini lift or macs-lift and lift aptos the feather lift or thread-lift contour Read More

Clinic 135

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 135, Brussels - 1050,Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Clinic 135 Brussels 10425
Facelift A facelift gives you the features you were there a dozen years. If there is indeed a cosmetic surgery of the face, Softlifting has a considerable effect on your wellbeing. And for a long time Read More

Nations Clinic Brussels

127 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Brussels - 1050,Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Nations Clinic Brussels Brussels 10423

A pretty face can really help person in their daily mundane activities. Face lift is a cosmetic enhancement treatment utilized by many to craft and improve facial allure. Contact Nations Clinic Brussels today, to know more about face lift.

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Wellness Kliniek

Grotestraat 42,, Genk - 3600,Limburg, Belgium

Wellness Kliniek Genk 10429

Before undergoing Face Lift procedure discuss your expectations and needs frankly with our board certified doctor. After assessing your skin and bone condition hell mange your expectation about the procedure.

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Cosmipolis Clinic

St. Claradreef 77,, Brugge - 8000,West-vlaanderen, Belgium

Cosmipolis Clinic Brugge 10431

Face lift is often referred to as facial rejuvenation method. A facelift is an operation to tighten and lift the skin and soft tissues of your lower face and neck. At Cosmipolis Clinic prospective patients of face lift can consult board certified doctor to know more about procedure.

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Dr Johan TKindt

Villerspark 2,2, Hasselt - 3500,Limburg, Belgium

Dr Johan TKindt Hasselt 10422
Facelift With aging the skin and relax the muscles of the face. This causes the typical blurry jaw line, also called hamster cheeks and a double chin. A surgical correction is the only efficient method to recover the jaw line. Read More

Dr Patrick Theunis

Plantin en Moretuslei 333,, Antwerpen - 2140,Antwerpen, Belgium

Dr Patrick Theunis Antwerpen 10412

Face lift is often combined with brow lift and nose reshaping procedure to achieve balanced outcome. Prospective patient should discuss their needs and expectation about the procedure frankly with board certified doctor.

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