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Dr Lincoln Graca Neto Cirurgia Plastica

Rua Padre Ildefonso 376 Batel Curitiba, Curitiba - 81531980,Parana, Brazil

Dr Lincoln Graca Neto Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba
Body Lift

The surgery body contouring ( body lift ) is a combination of several surgeries in the same time, include: a tummy tuck, lift the glutes (buttocks), the lift thighs and liposuction of the back . This surgical procedure is usually recommended for patients who have lost large amounts of weight and / or have major sagging skin due to time (age) and gravity.

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Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure where there is greater possibility of removing fatty tissue and excess skin of the lower portion and abdomen average. It aims to treat the protrusion (large saggRead more

Arm Lift

Lipodystrophy (reshaping) of the arm may occur by excessive fat accumulation, altered skin tone (sagging) and / or weight loss with great loss of weight. If there is good skin tone and the amount of fRead more

Thigh Lift

Lipodystrophy (reshaping) of the thigh can be by excessive fat accumulation, altered skin tone (sagging) and / or weight loss with great loss of weight. An important factor is the action of gravity onRead more

Breast Lift

The sagging and fall is called breast ptosis breast, should be mostly due to time (age), weight loss, sagging skin, post-gestation (pregnancy) and gravity action. In these cases there is a disparity bRead more

Clinic Of Plastic Surgery and Repairing

Alameda Dom Pedro II, 749 Batel, Curitiba, Curitiba - 80420060 ,Parana, Brazil

Clinic Of Plastic Surgery and Repairing Curitiba
Body Lift

Want to know how much body lift would cost in Curitiba? Contact Clinic Of Plastic Surgery and Repairing today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment would help you achieve your dream contour.

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Breast Lift

Find out everything you need to know about breast lift from price youll have to pay to experience and end result you might expect, by calling Clinic Of Plastic Surgery and Repairing and booking an appRead more

Tummy Tuck

The common misconception among people is both liposuction and tummy tuck are same kind of cosmetic surgery. Reality is far from truth to be honest; patient must consult a cosmetic surgeon to have a clRead more

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