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Dr. Marcio Costa

Av. do Batel, 1230 - Batel, Matriz Curitiba, Curitiba - 80420090,Parana, Brazil

Marcio Costa Curitiba
Butt Implants

Dr. Igo Losso

Rua Padre Anchieta, 1846 conj. 411 - Champagnat Curitiba,, Curitiba - 80730000,Parana, Brazil

Igo Losso Curitiba 899 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Aline Losso

Rua Padre Anchieta, 1846 conj. 411 - Champagnat Curitiba,, Curitiba - 80730000,Parana, Brazil

Aline Losso Curitiba 900 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Cynthia Rojas

Av Manoel Ribas, 985 Conj 35 Merces, Curitiba - 80810000,Parana, Brazil

Cynthia Rojas Curitiba 5136 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Wagner Bertolotte

Rua Angelo Maestrelli 20 Champagnat, Curitiba - 80710550,Parana, Brazil

Wagner Bertolotte Curitiba 5204 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Mario Bongiolo

Rua Petit Carneiro, 414 Green Water, Curitiba - 80240050,Parana, Brazil

Mario Bongiolo Curitiba 5264 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Viviane Teixeira

Rua Rocha Pombo, 450 Juveve, Curitiba - 80030390,Parana, Brazil

Viviane Teixeira Curitiba 5270 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Vagner Mari

R. Julia Wanderley, 1205 Mercy, Curitiba - 80710,Parana, Brazil

Vagner Mari Curitiba 5274 1
Butt Implants

Dr. Karina Zanetti

Av Dawn 272, Curitiba - 79002520,Parana, Brazil

Karina Zanetti Curitiba
Butt Implants

Clinica Losso Cirurgia Plastica

Rua Padre Anchieta, 1846 conj. 411 - Champagnat Curitiba,, Curitiba - 80730000,Parana, Brazil

Clinica Losso Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba
Butt Implants

The Gluteoplasty surgery is indicated for increasing the gluteal region (bottom) where the prosthesis is placed through a small incision that is hidden in the groove between the buttocks. There are several types of prosthesis for buttocks, rodondas, oval, cohesive silicone or polymers, each of which has its indication. It is usually done with epidural anesthesia with sedation or raquideana and is usually associated with liposuction of the flanks. The use of brace postoperatively is required.

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