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Clinica Losso Cirurgia Plastica

Rua Padre Anchieta, 1846 conj. 411 - Champagnat Curitiba,, Curitiba - 80730000,Parana, Brazil

Clinica Losso Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba

It is a surgery that brings great satisfaction to the patient because it is a rejuvenating surgery. Remember that each case is an indication of the procedures such as treatment of the forehead (open or endoscopy), midface for treatment of cheeks when fallen give the appearance known as bulldog and neck treatment for treatment of double chin

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Dr Marcio Roberto da S Costa Cirurgia Plastica

Av. do Batel, 1230 - Batel, Matriz Curitiba, Curitiba - 80420090,Parana, Brazil

Dr Marcio Roberto da S Costa Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba

This surgery seeks to reduce sagging and mitigate wrinkles of the face and neck, as well as remove excess fat located in these areas, giving the face a more youthful appearance. Unlike some lay information, the rhytidectomy does not eliminate all wrinkles, but the combined effect achieved with surgery lead to a rejuvenated face.
It is known that the outcome of surgery does not stop the evolutionary process of aging and thus its effects are not definitive. So we can operate the same person two or three times, varying only some technical details in reoperations.

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Marcos Grillo Cirurgia Plastica

Av. Sete de Setembro, 4848, 12o. andar, Curitiba, Parana, Curitiba - 80240000 ,Parana, Brazil

Marcos Grillo Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba

Best facial rejuvenation method. Often associated with liposuction of the face. It makes up the repositioning of the facial muscles with gentle traction of the skin.

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Dr Alderson Luiz Pacheco Cirurgia Plastica

Al Augusto Stelfeld, 2176 (street of the Evangelical Hospital) Champagnat Curitiba, Curitiba - 80730380,Parana, Brazil

Dr Alderson Luiz Pacheco Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba

It is one of the most sought after and surgical techniques allowing satisfactory results, but whose opportunities should be thoroughly analyzed and previously discussed between surgeon and patient, as each case has its own characteristics. Rarely brings serious complications, however, like any surgery, has its natural risks and unforeseen events may occur in the evolution of postoperative related to own physiology of each individual.

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Dr Lincoln Graca Neto Cirurgia Plastica

Rua Padre Ildefonso 376 Batel Curitiba, Curitiba - 81531980,Parana, Brazil

Dr Lincoln Graca Neto Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba

The continued aging process associated with the severity of the force action on the skin and acts on the deep structures of the face (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fat). Modern surgery of the face aims to remodel these elements thus promoting more harmonious and natural results avoiding the stigma of surgery, for both uses reduced scarring (smaller) which promotes faster recovery of the patient and more satisfactory results.

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Dr Julio Wilson Fernandes

Getulio Vargas Avenu 2079, Curitiba - 80250180,Parana, Brazil

Dr Julio Wilson Fernandes Curitiba
Facelift When the young spirit suffers in front of the mirror at the signs of aging, plastic surgery can help you look as young as you feel. A fresher, more relaxed appearance can build self-confidence and encourage a more active life. Our facial surgery techniques address both the superficial and deep elements of aging, from surface imperfections to skin and muscle laxity, giving our patients a pleasing, natural, non-operated look Read More


Rua Petit Carneiro, 414 Green Water, Curitiba - 80240050,Parana, Brazil

Annaclin Curitiba 3877

Want to know how much face lift procedure would cost in city? Contact Annaclin, to find detailed price structure of your face lift procedure. Our expert in face lift procedure doctor would draw out a plan best suited to your needs.

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Bellage Clinic and Surgery

Emiliano R. Perneta 390, Curitiba - 80710,Parana, Brazil

Bellage Clinic and Surgery Curitiba 3886

Bellage Clinic and Surgery in Curitiba provides facelift treatment which give re-contouring the skin and removing extra fat from your face, neck and head.

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Inspirea Cirurgia Plastica

Rua da Paz 303, Curitiba - 79020,Parana, Brazil

Inspirea Cirurgia Plastica Curitiba 4078

A pretty face can really help person in their daily mundane activities. Face lift is a cosmetic enhancement treatment utilized by many to craft and improve facial allure. Contact Inspirea Cirurgia Plastica today, to know more about face lift.

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Dr. Alderson Pacheco

Al Augusto Stelfeld, 2176 (street of the Evangelical Hospital) Champagnat Curitiba, Curitiba - 80730380,Parana, Brazil

Alderson Pacheco Curitiba
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