Eyelid surgery in Bulgaria

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Dr. Vesselin Dinev

9, Dragovitsa str., Sofia - 1505,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Vesselin Dinev Sofia 15398 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Mariana Ralcheva

479 Primorski park,, Varna - 9000,Varna, Bulgaria

Mariana Ralcheva Varna 15400 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Hristo Lozanov

16 Troyansky Prohod, Sofia - 1612,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Hristo Lozanov Sofia 15410 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Hristo Boyadjiev

Kremikovsko chausee Trivia Hotel, Sofia - 1753,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Hristo Boyadjiev Sofia 15413 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Silvana Dimitrova

479 Primorski park,, Varna - 9000,Varna, Bulgaria

Silvana Dimitrova Varna 15401 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Emil Georgiev

Beli brezi quartal bl. 11, Sofia - 1680,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Emil Georgiev Sofia
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Nikolay Serdev

11 20th April, Str, Sofia - 1606,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Nikolay Serdev Sofia 15407 1
Eyelid surgery

Dr. Stefan Komitski

38 Ivan Geshov Blvd., Sofia - 1612,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Stefan Komitski Sofia 15411 1
Eyelid surgery


479 Primorski park,, Varna - 9000,Varna, Bulgaria

Enigma Varna
Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is very common surgical procedure. Just in United States, more than 240,000 patients undergo this surgical procedure every year. Enigma is respected name in cosmetic surgery. We make sure all our patients expectations are met.

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Dianova Medical Center

16 Troyansky Prohod, Sofia - 1612,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Dianova Medical Center Sofia 10666
Eyelid surgery During the first encounter, the eyes are the focus and they give the first impression for the acquaintance. The age-associated changes get manifestation at the structures around the eyes. The skin loses its flexibility and tonus, which is due to changes of the collagen and elastin, and this on its part, leads to excessive tissue (in the upper and lower eyelid). Read More
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