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Dr. Jagdish Jyoti

30 years experience
JMJ Cosmetic surgery, 2nd Floor, Vaishnavis sree square cyber hills colony besides, Gachibowli flyo, Hyderabad - 500038,Andhra Pradesh, India

Jagdish Jyoti Hyderabad 47 1
Scar Revision Surgery

Dr. Priti Shukla

19 years experience
, Hyderabad - 500034,Andhra Pradesh, India

Priti Shukla Hyderabad 48 1
Scar Revision Surgery

Scars and moles can often be improved with surgery. In scar surgery, more importantly than any other surgery personal assessment and individuals skin type and healing capacity play an important role. Most scars can be improved, but scars will not vanish without a trace. Also result takes at least 6 months to stabilize. Therefore, realistic expectations are important for patient satisfaction.

The following procedures are available for scar/mole improvement:

* Scar Revision Surgery

* Mole Excision



* Old injury scars

* Old badly stitched scars

What is Done: Scar is cut out and removed and skin is stitched with fine materials

How many stages: One or more depending on scar

Anaesthesia: Usually local anaesthesia

Rest: No rest is required

Stitches: Removed in 5-10 days. If you are from outstation, absorbable stitches can be used

Result: Best results in 6 months to 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions – Scar Revision Surgery

Will the scar disappear completely?

No, it will improve a lot and become very faint- visible only on close inspection.

Will the result be immediate?

No, scars take time to mature and improve after surgery. Give it 6 months time.

Do I need to follow any precautions after surgery?

Yes, regular follow-up visits for 6 months are important apart from certain creams.

I am told that result differs from person to person according to skin type and healing quality. What does it mean?

There are 6 types of skins. Fairest and delicate Scandinavian skin is type one and thickest dark African skin is type 6. In between these

are other skin types from fairer to darker. Tendency of scarring is least in fair, type one skin and maximum in dark type 6 skin. Indian

skin is type 4 to 5. Fairer skinned people have better scars than darker people generally.

What is keloid scar?

Keloid is a type of scar that does not stop growing even after the skin is healed. It may grow bigger with time, may be elevated, hard,

red and itchy and sometimes painful. Keloid can sometimes occur after a pinprick, a pimple or without any noticeable injury or surgery.

Keloid is more common on shoulder, chest and back.

What is the treatment of keloid scar?

Prevention is better than cure. After any injury or surgery if the scar is becoming elevated and itchy consult your plastic surgeon

immediately. Fresh keloids can be treated without surgery by injecting steroids into keloid many times, application of pressure and

silicon sheet. Surgery is done only for a few cases because any surgery will cause further keloid. This can be prevented by doing surgery

and injecting steroid into the scar after surgery 3-4 times and follow up with plastic surgeon for a long time to detect and suppress early

reformation of keloid.

What is a hypertrophic scar?

Hypertrophic scar is an elevated bad looking scar, and a milder form of keloid. Treatment is same as keloid.

My father has a keloid scar. Does it mean I also have keloid tendency?

You may have keloid tendency.

My previous operation scars are fine, what are my chances of developing bad scar after my next surgery?

Chances of bad scarring are very low but results also vary from area to area and some areas of body are more prone to scarring than


I had met with an accident some years ago and the scars on my arm are not good. I am now Planning to have a plastic

surgery. Am I likely to have bad scars again?

Scars plastic surgery is better than other scars.

Do self-absorbable stitches give the best result?

Plastic surgeons stitch the wound in layers. Absorbable stitches are used in deeper layers and fine non-absorbable stitches on the skin

surface. Outer stitches are removed in 4 to 5 days. These special nonabsorbable stitches are very smooth, do not leave marks and are

not painful during removal. Absorbable stitches on skin are not preferred because they absorb slowly and may leave marks. Sometimes

absorbable stitches under the skin alone are used and no stitches are applied on skin. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to decide

which kind of technique will suit you the most.

Is it better if my skin is closed with glue rather than the stitches?

Plastic surgery stitches give the best result and do not leave stitch marks. Glue is only for uncooperative children.

My daughter had stitches on her face due to fall. Now she is 6 years old. What is the right age for scar revision surgery?

If she is not very affected by scar and if you can wait it is best to delay the surgery as late as possible that is 16 years or later. There is

a chance that the scar may fade significantly on its own. Grown ups are not scared of local anesthesia and also with maturing of skin

healing tends to be better. If the scarring is too bad and child is being pointed out by others and developing psychological problems, then

surgery can be done earlier.

Is laser better than surgery for scar removal?

Different scars respond to different treatments. Scars that respond to surgery do not respond to laser and vice versa. Generally

speaking very few types of scars respond to laser.

Mole Excision:

What is Done: Mole is cut out and removed and skin is stitched with fine materials. If mole is suspicious then it is removed with a

margin of healthy skin and sent for biopsy. If mole is too big or close to eye/nose/mouth then more complex procedures like flap pr full

thickness skin grafting may be required. In case of simple small moles only shaving with knife or radiofrequency without any stitches is


How many stages: One or more depending on mole

Anaesthesia: Usually local anaesthesia

Rest: No rest is required usually

Stitches: Removed in 5-10 days. If you are from outstation, absorbable stitches can be used

Result: A fine line like scar which improves over next 6 months to one year. Therefore you should plan this surgery much in advance of

any important event like marriage. The resulting scar is very fine and visible only on closer look.

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Dr. jagdish m jyoti

28 years experience
JMJ Cosmetic surgery, 2nd Floor, Vaishnavis sree square cyber hills colony besides, Gachibowli flyo, Hyderabad - 500038,Andhra Pradesh, India

jagdish m jyoti Hyderabad 18967 1
Scar Revision Surgery

Any damage to the skin can cause a scar, including Acne or chickenpox Burns Cuts or grazes Surgery. Scar removal surgery is designed to improve your scars. Contact jagdish m jyoti today, to find out how you can attain your dream contour.

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Dr. Naveen Reddy

Plot No 5 Rd Number 7 Telecom Nagar Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032,Andhra Pradesh, India

Naveen Reddy Hyderabad 18331 1
Scar Revision Surgery When the skin is in the process of recovering from an injury, whether the result of an accident, surgery, a burn on acne, scarring will occur, whenever multiple layers of skin have been affected. Once a scar forms, it is permanent but may be made less visible or relocated surgically. Scars can be of different types like keloid scar, hypertrophic scar, contractures etc. Different scars require different treatment. Your surgeon will examine the scar in order to decide upon the proper treatment and inform you of outcomes that can be expected from facial scar revision surgery. Read More

Dr. Yalamanchi Venkata Rao

1st floor, plot 30, rao&raju colony, behind lucid diagnostics banjara hills, Hyderabad - 500016,Andhra Pradesh, India

Yalamanchi Venkata Rao Hyderabad 89 1
Scar Revision Surgery

Dr. Hari Chekuri

Door No11 9 45 1 Beside OMNI Hospital Kothapet X Road Nagole Road, Hyderabad - 500035,Andhra Pradesh, India

Hari Chekuri Hyderabad 18339 1
Scar Revision Surgery

Dr. Rupa Reddy

Plot No 5 Rd Number 7 Telecom Nagar Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032,Andhra Pradesh, India

Rupa Reddy Hyderabad
Scar Revision Surgery

Dr. D Annapurna

flat no. 203, Vishnu Surya Prabha Paradise Appt K.G.H.UP, Road Maharanipeta, Vishakhapatnam - 6464269,Andhra Pradesh, India

D Annapurna Vishakhapatnam
Scar Revision Surgery

Dr. Keerthana Kalva

3rd floor, Park View, Adjacent to CVR Health Road Number 1, Jubilee Hills , Hyderabad - 500033,Andhra Pradesh, India

Keerthana Kalva Hyderabad 19519 1
Scar Revision Surgery

JMJ Cosmetic Clinic

JMJ Cosmetic surgery, 2nd Floor, Vaishnavis sree square cyber hills colony besides, Gachibowli flyo, Hyderabad - 500038,Andhra Pradesh, India

JMJ Cosmetic Clinic Hyderabad 30 1
Scar Revision Surgery

By the scar correction operations, many scars can be improved upon in their appearance or the amount of the scars can be reduced are disfigurement can be minimised. These scar correction operation are not under taken until the original scars have fully matured. There are rare exceptions to this rule. There are scars that cannot be improved upon by surgery.

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