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Cosmetic Surgery Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals, 154/11 Opp IIM Bannerghatta Road,, Bangalore - 560076,Karnataka, India

Cosmetic Surgery Bangalore Bangalore
Ear Correction

Sets prominent ears back closer to the head and/or reduces the size of large ears. This procedure is most often performed on children between the ages of four and fourteen /or any age the procedure can be done after four years. In few selected cases, minimally invasive ear correction can be done without cutting. Here special stitches will be put without incision. 

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Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

# 301, 2nd Floor, Esteem Kanaka Plaza, No.652, 11th Main Main, 4th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011, Karnataka, India., Bangalore - 560011,Karnataka, India

Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Bangalore 35
Ear Correction

Prominent ear or bat ears can have a psychological impact on the growing child. This condition is corrected by Otoplasty( pinning back the ear).
It can be done at 5-6 years of age. Using an incision behind the ear, the angle between the head and the ear is reduced using stitches. The cartilage is reshaped when required.

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NU Cosmetic Clinic Jayanagar

Building No 1374, 1st Floor, 32nd Cross, 4th T Block Jayanagar,, Bangalore - 560034,Karnataka, India

NU Cosmetic Clinic Jayanagar Bangalore 79
Ear Correction

Ear correction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic, undertaken by a specialist cosmetic Surgeon.Ear correction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic, undertaken by a specialist cosmetic Surgeon. 


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Dr Pooyas Health Care Centre

No 56, Langford Road, Richmond Postal Code Town Bangalore , Karnataka, India, Bangalore - 560025,Karnataka, India

Dr Pooyas Health Care Centre Bangalore
Ear Correction

Ear surgery,also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear.
Otoplasty can correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth that becomes apparent with development or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury. 

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Cosmesis India

Suite 213, 2nd Floor, EVA Mall, 60, Brigade Road, Brigade Road,, Bangalore - 560025,Karnataka, India

Cosmesis India Bangalore
Ear Correction

Treatment involves reshaping the cartilage in the ear via an incision placed on the posterior surface of the ear, to give a near normal shape to the external ear. The final result depends on a lot of factors like the condition of the skin of the ear, how severe is the deformity and also the state of the cartilage. After the procedure the ear is in a bandage for 5- 7 days depending on the extent of surgery.

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Clinique Belle

#100, 16th Main, Kormangala 4th B Block Near BDA Complex, Kormangala,, Bangalore - 560034,Karnataka, India

Clinique Belle Bangalore
Ear Correction

Want to know how much ear correction would cost in Bangalore? Contact Clinique Belle today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment would help you achieve your dream contour.

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MAAC - Banglore

363, Elegant Embassy, 10th B Main Rd,, Bangalore - 560011,Karnataka, India

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Ear Correction (Otoplasty Cosmetic Ear Surgery) Ear Surgery / Otoplasty is an aesthetic procedure to alter the shape, position or size of the ears with the goal of bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Types Of Ear Surgery- Ear pinning is used to position the ears more closely to the sides of the head.If the ears stick out, ear pinning can be performed to flatten the ears against the head. Reconstructive ear surgery is a form of otoplasty used to correct congenital deformities (Eg. Microtia) or injuries include burns, lacerations, and infected or torn piercings. Bilateral otoplasty is an ear pinning and reshaping surgery performed on both ears. Ear reduction surgery is a form of otoplasty used for sculpting larger ears, giving patients a more natural look which can provide balance and symmetry to the face and ears, and is often accompanied by ear pinning. Read More
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