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La Transformatione - Mumbai

, Mumbai - ,Maharashtra, India

La Transformatione - Mumbai Mumbai
Brazilian Butt lift Have you itching to get into that swimsuit since a long time? But worried about public perception? Well, we have the solution to your lack of confidence.A surgery that makes you fit right back into your swimsuits with confidence! A butt lift can reduce the volume of the buttocks substantially and bring them into proportion with the remainder of your body. Read More

Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre

, Mumbai - ,Maharashtra, India

Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre Mumbai
Brazilian Butt lift

Its no wonder: in virtually all cultures, shapely buttocks have always been one of the most important determinants of the female figure. Brazilian buttock lift helps women achieve those curves. Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre has the best cosmetic surgeon Mumbai. Our expert doctor has performed countless successful Brazilian buttock lift procedures.

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Butt Lift

The process of Butt Lift helps in lifting the buttocks and giving it a proper round shape. There might be slight uneasiness after undergoing a buttock surgery, however medications and doctors suggestiRead more

Butt Implants

People want to enhance their looks to boost their confidence, become less-conscious and sometimes wants a proportionate look for their body. They can get a proportionate buttock with butt implant surgRead more

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