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Dr. Sumit Malhotra

29 shahmina road near budhdha park, Lucknow - 226018,Uttar Pradesh, India

Sumit Malhotra Lucknow 15827 1

La Belle Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

C-1,Ground floor sector-33, Noida,Uttar, Noida - 11,Uttar Pradesh, India

La Belle Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Noida

The most prominent feature of the human body is the face. Over a period of time the facial skin loosens, wrinkles and furrows develop and the muscles of the neck, jowls, forehead, etc., may weaken. The plastic surgery process referred to as rhytidectomy, more commonly known as facelift, may address these various effects by firming and tightening the skin of the face and neck.

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Indian Cosmetic Surgeon

29 shahmina road near budhdha park, Lucknow - 226018,Uttar Pradesh, India

Indian Cosmetic Surgeon Lucknow
Facelift Facelift, or a Rhytidectomy, is designed to restore a more youthful appearance by removingmajor wrinkles and sagging skin. It involves tightening of the facial and neckmuscles as well as the removal of any excess skin. A face lift can make a patient look 5 to 10 years younger. Read More

Dr. Devesh Singh

B-1296 Near Sai Mandir Indira Nagar, Lucknow - ,Uttar Pradesh, India

Devesh Singh Lucknow 19358 1
Facelift A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical system that enhances unmistakable indications of maturing in the face and neck. The loss of young shapes in the face can be because of an assortment of components, including heredity, gravity, natural conditions, and stress. Restoration systems regularly performed in conjunction with a facelift are temples lift, to remedy a hanging or profoundly wrinkled forehead, and eyelid to revive maturing eyes. As we age, skin loses flexibility, and facial tissues lose volume. In the end, these outcomes in "cheeks" on the lower confront profound wrinkles, and free skin on the neck. While this is a characteristic piece of developing more seasoned, patients who are pestered by these indications of maturing may observe a facelift to be a decent arrangement. Read More

Dr Devs Skin Clinic-Lucknow

B-1296 Near Sai Mandir Indira Nagar, Lucknow - ,Uttar Pradesh, India

DrDevsSkinClinic-Lucknow Lucknow 14319 1

Face lift tightens the muscle and rejuvenate skin to deliver youthful look. Many people are undergoing facelift procedure to revive their appearance. At Dr Devs Skin Clinic-Lucknow we have expert doctor who specializes in face lift.

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