Lip Augmentation in Israel

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Dr. Yaron Harshai

7 Ahoronson St Haifa, Haifa - 31061,Hefa, Israel

Yaron Harshai Haifa 587 1
Lip Augmentation

Dr. Erik Imas

7th floor Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv - 61000,Tel Aviv, Israel

Erik Imas Tel Aviv
Lip Augmentation

Prof Yaron Har Shai M D

7 Ahoronson St Haifa, Haifa - 31061,Hefa, Israel

Prof Yaron Har Shai M D Haifa
Lip Augmentation

The lip augmentation is a popular procedure and millions of patients worldwide go for such a treatment. Such statistics endorse that the lip augmentation impacts on social lifeare significant, and those stats are correct. Contact Prof Yaron Har Shai M D today, to find out how you can resolve your issues.

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Dr Simon Kezerman

kadish Luz 11, Qiryat Motzkin - 26406 ,Hefa, Israel

Dr Simon Kezerman Qiryat Motzkin 12194
Lip Augmentation There has been a dramatic increase in aesthetic procedures in Western culture in the past few decades, with an increasing focus on achieving aesthetic ideals and maintaining a youthful appearance. Full lips have become increasingly desirable as they are thought of as an aesthetic ideal symbolizing youth, vitality, and sensuality. Anthropometric studies have shown that wider and fuller lips in relation to facial width are a mark of female attractiveness. Read More

Dr Erik Imas Clinic

7th floor Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv - 61000,Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr Erik Imas Clinic Tel Aviv 3525
Lip Augmentation

Want to know how much lip augmentation surgery would cost in Tel Aviv? Contact Dr Erik Imas Clinic today, to resolve all your lip augmentation queries. The patients are advised to be very realistic about the results.

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Dr Michael Goldenhersh

Beit Hateomim 15 Second Floor Givat Shaul, Jerusalem - 91007,Yerushalayim, Israel

Dr Michael Goldenhersh Jerusalem 11995
Lip Augmentation

Photogenic people always have nice and full lips and it is definitely one of the most important facial traits of anyone. If you wish to alter your lip size or shape lip augmentation surgery is ideal for you. Contact Dr Michael Goldenhersh today, to book consultation with our board certified doctor.

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