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Dr Bertha Torres

C rooms 15 and 16 Army 613 Colonia Granada, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Bertha Torres Mexico City
Eyelid surgery Aesthetic surgery of the eyelids or blepharoplasty is indicated in men and women who have a senile or tired look on their faces, wrinkles, fat deposits and circles under their eyes. In patients with excess skin that makes the aperture of the upper eyelids difficult. Read More

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez

Eugenia 916 Col Del Valle Benito Juarez, Mexico City - 03100,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez Mexico City 13447
Eyelid surgery It is considered the eyes as the first element of youth and beauty as well as the most expressive feature of the face. The changes caused by age or history of heritage produce fatigued or old-looking aspect of the eyelids; blepharoplasty corrects these defects. Read More

Telich Plastic Surgery

Camino a Sta Teresa 10551180 Magdalena Contreras, Heroes de Padierna, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Telich Plastic Surgery Mexico City 13463
Eyelid surgery Eyelid surgery is an excellent option for people who wish to refresh and rejuvenate the area around the eyes. People who have loose or excess skin in the upper eyelids, as well those with puffiness, bags, hollowing, or wrinkles around the eyes, may be good candidates for an eyelid lift. Read More

Dr Gustavo Gonzalez Zaldivar

Hospital Durango 290 Office 608 Colonia Roma, Mexico City - 06700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Gustavo Gonzalez Zaldivar Mexico City 13449
Eyelid surgery corrects drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes are located, removing excess fat, skin and muscle. It can be performed both upper and lower eyelids. Read More

Dr Ivan Silva

World Trade Center Piso 6 oficina 25 Montesito 38 Colonia Napoles, Mexico City - 03810,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Ivan Silva Mexico City 13460
Eyelid surgery Blepharoplasty is performed directly on the eyelids without touching the eyeball. It allows you to remove excess skin, fat bags if there and part of the orbicularis muscle if necessary. Read More

Medico Plastica

Av Ejercito Nacional 613 703, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Medico Plastica Mexico City 3426
Eyelid surgery

Find out everything you need to know about eyelid procedure price, experience and end result you might expect by calling Medico Plastica and booking an appointment with our expert in eyelid procedure. Our expert doctor would guide you to your dream contour.

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Dr Alfredo Lima Romero

Street office Tepic No 113 601 Colonia Roma Sur Between Taxco and Tlacotalpan, Mexico City - 06760,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Alfredo Lima Romero Mexico City
Eyelid surgery

There are two types of eyelid surgical procedures, namely upper eyelid surgery and the lower eyelid surgery. Dr Alfredo Lima Romero in Mexico City is among the best cosmetic clinic. All of our patients over the years had positive experience with their treatment.

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Dr Benjamin Ortiz

Periferico Sur 3697 Col Heroes de Padierna, Torre Angeles Office 850 Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Benjamin Ortiz Mexico City 13458
Eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery is aimed at adding or removing the fats in the eyelid for enhancing the shape of the eye. Sometime people due to excessive fats in the eyes have blocked vision, which is corrected using the eyelid procedure.

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Dr Jhon Gomez

Eugene Sue cons 355 606 National Army Esquina Colonia Polanco, Mexico City - 11550,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Jhon Gomez Mexico City 13456
Eyelid surgery This is a cosmetic procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids Those who can practice blepharoplasty People who have excess skin and bags on the eyelids, with the appearance of tired eyes and dark circles. E n the upper eyelid excess skin and two bags of fat is removed, leaving an imperceptible scar in the periorbital sulcus . Read More
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