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Pestalozzi 858 Col. Narvarte, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

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Rhinoplasty Its correct name is rhinoplasty and there are two types, which corrects functional problems that prevent breathing properly and correcting aesthetic problems. There are cases where you can board without scarring but in most if there although almost imperceptible cases. If you feel you can improve your image operating your nose consult our expert who honestly will tell you the possibilities you has surgically either increasing, decreasing, straightening it or modifying the nostrils. once you have decided to get a beautiful nose verify that your plastic surgeon is certified and current Read More

Dr Bertha Torres

C rooms 15 and 16 Army 613 Colonia Granada, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Bertha Torres Mexico City
Rhinoplasty The surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty is indicated in men and women who have completed their growth and wish to make aesthetic modifications to the form of their nose. It allows to correct functional problems that jeopardize breathing as are: septum deviations, enlargement of the turbinates, congenital deformities etc. Read More

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez

Eugenia 916 Col Del Valle Benito Juarez, Mexico City - 03100,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez Mexico City 13447
Rhinoplasty Nose surgery is one of the most popular procedures today, either for aesthetic reasons or functional alterations. This type of intervention requires the plastic surgeon maximum sensitivity, surgical refinement and detailed analysis in each particular case.To achieve the desired results, surgery is based on the modification of the skeleton of bone and nasal cartilage, making incisions that go unnoticed by being inside the nose. Read More

Dr Gustavo Gonzalez Zaldivar

Hospital Durango 290 Office 608 Colonia Roma, Mexico City - 06700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Gustavo Gonzalez Zaldivar Mexico City 13449
Rhinoplasty nose is reshaped by reducing or increasing size, removing hump, changing the shape of the nasal tip or bridge, it can narrow the width of the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and upper lip to make it see a more symmetrical face depending on the features and proportions of the face. It is a basic rule respect the functional principles, which if altered can be corrected at the same surgery. Read More

Dr Ivan Silva

World Trade Center Piso 6 oficina 25 Montesito 38 Colonia Napoles, Mexico City - 03810,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Ivan Silva Mexico City 13460
Rhinoplasty Nasal surgery is the medical name rhinoplasty. When looking to improve your way, we say it is aesthetic. The restorative qualify when we improve their function (breathing). Cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most frequent interventions in the specialty, requested by both men and women. Read More

Telich Plastic Surgery

Camino a Sta Teresa 10551180 Magdalena Contreras, Heroes de Padierna, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Telich Plastic Surgery Mexico City 13463
Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty has always been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in cosmetic surgery. But not all nasal surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons. Rhinoplasty can also correct structural abnormalities like a deviated septum or crooked nose which can lead to breathing problems, chronic stuffiness and post nasal drip. Read More

Dr Oscar Barrera Vazquez

Avenida Periferico Sur 5246 Pedregal de Carrasco, Mexico City - 04700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Oscar Barrera Vazquez Mexico City 13452
Rhinoplasty The nose surgery is one of the procedures most commonly performed plastic surgery. In the first consultation I make an assessment, we suggest a diagnosis and appropriate surgical technique to your needs. Read More

Medico Plastica

Av Ejercito Nacional 613 703, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Medico Plastica Mexico City 3426

Want to do rhinoplasty surgery in Mexico City? Medico Plastica provides best nose reshaping surgery to reshape the nose which suits best with your face.

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In Alar Rhinoplasty the Medico Plastica makes a small incision on either side of the nose. Silicone implants are made or cartilages from any part of the body, mostly taken from the ear are inserted.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

After the Augmentation Rhinoplasty operation, you will probably have dressings in your nostrils for a day or so which will prevent you from breathing through your nose. You will also have a firm splinRead more

Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

The nose has many different sub units and the nasal tip is one of it. The tip of the nose can be changed with the bulbous nose surgery. You have a broad nose, thick nose, crooked nose or have a hump; Read more

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty

The hump reduction surgery or Dorsal Hump Reduction, the procedure will take few hours to operate. The patient should take proper care and rest after the surgery. Most surgeons give the oppurtunity ofRead more


Dr Alfredo Lima Romero

Street office Tepic No 113 601 Colonia Roma Sur Between Taxco and Tlacotalpan, Mexico City - 06760,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Alfredo Lima Romero Mexico City

Our expert in rhinoplasty surgeon has years of experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery on patient from around the world. Contact Dr Alfredo Lima Romero today to know how you can achieve dream nose shape.

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Dr Benjamin Ortiz

Periferico Sur 3697 Col Heroes de Padierna, Torre Angeles Office 850 Magdalena Contreras, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Benjamin Ortiz Mexico City 13458

Our expert in rhinoplasty surgeon has years of experience in performing rhinoplasty surgery on patient from around the world. Contact Dr Benjamin Ortiz today to know how you can achieve dream nose shape.

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