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David Glasson Plastic Surgery Centre

Bowen Hospital Churchhill Drive, Wellington - 6141,Wellington, New Zealand

David Glasson Plastic Surgery Centre Wellington
Ear Correction

Ear Surgery. The appearance of ears that protrude (bat ears or prominent ears) can be improved with surgery. The operation is often carried out in children, but is more commonly performed at teenage level, and in adults too. For children, general anaesthetic is required. Local anaesthetic is usually well tolerated by children over 10 or so, teenagers and adults.

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Wellington Plastic Surgery Institute

6th Floor 186 Willis St, Wellington - 6141,Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Plastic Surgery Institute Wellington
Ear Correction

You can have ear surgery (otoplasty) to correct misshapen, prominent, or bat (sticking-out) ears. Children often have this type of operation.

The surgery is usually performed when the cartilage skeleton of the ear is well developed. This happens by the time a person is 6 to 7 years old, but can be earlier.

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Bisson Plastic Surgery Centre

Churchill Drive Crofton Downs, Wellington - 6035,Wellington, New Zealand

Bisson Plastic Surgery Centre Wellington
Ear Correction

Ear surgery is undertaken to correct prominence or abnormal folds of the ears. Individuals can sometimes be self-conscious about such prominence or folds and ear surgery can significantly improve the appearance.

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Boulcott Cosmetic Specialist Surgeon Clinic

666 High Street Lower Hutt, Wellington - 5034,Wellington, New Zealand

Boulcott Cosmetic Specialist Surgeon Clinic Wellington
Ear Correction

Prominent ears are due to either unfolding of the antihelical fold, a deep conchal bowl or both. 
The very best treatment is splinting of the ears within the first few weeks of life!

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