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Dr. Loannis Alexandrides

111 Harley Street, London - W1G6AW,England, United Kingdom

Loannis Alexandrides London 4546 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Jesper Sorensen

10 Knaresborough Place Kensington, London - SW50TG,England, United Kingdom

Jesper Sorensen London 4492 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Hagen Schumache

Harley Street, London - W1G9QJ,England, United Kingdom

Hagen Schumache London 4539 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Rajiv Grover

144 Harley Street,, London - W1G7LE,England, United Kingdom

Rajiv Grover London 18663 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Dominic Bray

70 Harley Street,, London - W1G7HF,England, United Kingdom

Dominic Bray London 18669 1
Brow Lift

Dr. David Dunaway

152 Harley Street, London - WIG7LH ,England, United Kingdom

David Dunaway London 18682 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Apul Parikh

102 Harley Street,, London - W1G7JB,England, United Kingdom

Apul Parikh London 18687 1
Brow Lift

Dr. Mark Asjoe

4 Upper Wimpole St, London - W1G6LF,England, United Kingdom

Mark Asjoe London 18644 1
Brow Lift

London Plastic Surgery Clinic

4 Upper Wimpole St, London - W1G6LF,England, United Kingdom

London Plastic Surgery Clinic London 13369
Brow Lift The procedure involves small 1cm stab incisions behind the hairline and elevation of the forehead skin from the underlying facial bone. The skin is the resuspended with sutures in the scalp. In some cases where only minor adjustment is required, a dissolvable device can be placed behind the brow through an upper eyelid incision (Transbleph Endotine), usually in combination with upper blepharoplasty. The scar is hidden in the eyelid crease and the brow is re-positioned. Read More

Cosmetic Surgery Partners

27 Welbeck Street, London - W1G8EN,England, United Kingdom

Cosmetic Surgery Partners London 13374
Brow Lift A brow lift is a simple and effective cosmetic surgery procedure designed to raise the eyebrows and reduce frown lines, which are some of the most obvious signs of ageing. Brow Lift surgery should not be confused with a blepharoplasty which is the cosmetic enhancement of the upper and lower eyelids. Read More

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