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Dr. Loannis Alexandrides

111 Harley Street, London - W1G6AW,England, United Kingdom

Loannis Alexandrides London 4546 1

Dr. Angelica Kavouni

129 Harley Street, London - W1G6BA,England, United Kingdom

Angelica Kavouni London 18659 1

Dr. Nick Percival

27 Welbeck Street, London - W1G8EN,England, United Kingdom

Nick Percival London 18652 1

Dr. Miles Berry

27 Welbeck Street, London - W1G8EN,England, United Kingdom

Miles Berry London 18650 1

Cadogan Cosmetics at The Cadogan Clinic

Cadogan Clinic 120 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London - SW1X9BW,England, United Kingdom

Cadogan Cosmetics at The Cadogan Clinic London

Labiaplasty - or Labia reduction surgery - is a common cosmetic procedure to reshape, refashion and tighten the inner and outer folds of the vulva on the outside of the vagina. Cadogan Cosmetics is proud to offer the services of some of the UKs most experienced surgeons for this personal and delicate procedure.

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The Private Clinic

98 Harley Street London , London - W1G7HZ,England, United Kingdom

The Private Clinic London 193

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure carried out to correct and define the appearance of the inner labia.

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London Bridge Plastic Surgery

54 Wimpole Street, London - W1G8YJ,England, United Kingdom

London Bridge Plastic Surgery London
Labiaplasty Labiaplasty, also known as Labia Reduction, Labia Reshaping or Female Genital Plastic Surgery is a specialist plastic surgery procedure to reduce the size of and reshape the labia minora (inner lips) and labia majora (outer lips).Figures show that of women undergoing labiaplasty, 100% are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their labia, 91% report discomfort in the clothes caused by their labia, 69% feel discomfort when doing sports and a significant amount report discomfort during intercourse. Read More

Cosmetic Surgery Partners

27 Welbeck Street, London - W1G8EN,England, United Kingdom

Cosmetic Surgery Partners London 13374
Labiaplasty Labiaplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce or reshape the size of the labia minora which are the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. For many women, the size or shape of their labia minora cause embarrassment and distress. They may feel they are uneven or too protuberant. Our specialist surgeon Miles Berry has had years of experience and successful treatments with labiaplasty surgery and after a discreet consultation will be able to advise you if surgery is the right option for you. Read More

Dr Angelica Kavouni

129 Harley Street, London - W1G6BA,England, United Kingdom

Dr Angelica Kavouni London
Labiaplasty Labiaplasty or labial reduction involves a plastic surgical technique to reduce the large or uneven labia minora to a thinner, more comfortable, and more appealing size and shape. The aim of labial reduction surgery is to preserve most of the natural contour, pigmentation, and sensitivity of the labia minora with minimal scarring Read More

111 Harley St Excusive Cosmetic Surgery

111 Harley Street, London - W1G6AW,England, United Kingdom

111 Harley St Excusive Cosmetic Surgery London 3315

Want to know how much Labiaplasty would cost in London? Contact 111 Harley St Excusive Cosmetic Surgery today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment would help you achieve your dream contour.

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