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Sunset Cosmetic Surgery

9201 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 805 West Hollywood, Los Angeles - 90069 ,California, United States

Sunset Cosmetic Surgery Los Angeles

Simply tightening the skin on the face can sometimes result in apulled look. Sagging is only part of the facial aging process, which is also caused by a loss of fat in the face.

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Wave Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center

3680 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd FL. Los Angeles,, Los Angeles - 90010,California, United States

Wave Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center Los Angeles

Facelift procedures only deal with the lower two thirds of the face and neck. The upper third of the face including the eyelids is part of a different region that may require additional facial plastic surgery procedures to correct. Since aging affects the facial skin as well as the underlying muscle, both need to be corrected. 

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Beverly Hills Body

2080 CENTURY PARK EAST STE 501 LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles - 90067,California, United States

Beverly Hills Body Los Angeles

A facelift may be the ideal choice for you. In spite of the many advances in medical technology over the past decade or two, no other procedure rivals the facelift for its ability to deliver the customized, long lasting, natural looking facial rejuvenation results you desire.

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Christine Petti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

3400 W. Lomita Blvd., Suite 305 Torrance, Los Angeles - 90505,California, United States

Christine Petti Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Los Angeles

As everyone matures and begins to show signs of aging, the face and neck areas tend to sag. There is no more telling sign of age than loose skin around your face and neck. Even though we exercise, diet, take proper care of our skin, use make-up, and keep our hair styled, our age still shows. Cosmetic neck and face lift surgery can provide you with a more youthful, yet natural appearance, which will bring greater self-confidence and a youthful feeling with it. 

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Geoffrey R Keyes Plastic Surgery

2080 Century Park E, Ste 1202 Los Angeles, Los Angeles - 90067 ,California, United States

Geoffrey R Keyes Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

There are minimally invasive facelift procedures, such as the suture platysmaplaty, that postpone the need for more invasive procedures and delay more mature aging signs. There are more invasive procedures such as the deep plane lift for advanced stages of aging. You may treat excess fat under the eyes, lower cheeks, and/or jowl area through the facelift procedure. You may improve facial sagging under the eyes, cheek to mouth area, and jowls. You may improve the appearance of facial wrinkles. 

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Dr Jennifer Keagle Aesthetic Surgery

1245 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 601 Los Angeles,, Los Angeles - 90017,California, United States

Dr Jennifer Keagle Aesthetic Surgery Los Angeles

For improved tone in the face and a more youthful, rested appearance, a facelift treats the sagging, deep creases and loose skin of the face and neck that occur with aging. It can also help restore the loss of soft tissue that occurs with time and is often paired with liposuction of the chin area.

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The Art of Cosmetic Surgery

9201 Sunset Blvd Suite 910 Los Angeles, Los Angeles - 90069,California, United States

The Art of Cosmetic Surgery Los Angeles

Face lift or Rhytidectomy are general terms applied to describe an operation performed to eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin and muscles from the skin of the face and neck. As modern medicine lengthens the life span, most people feel physically and mentally young and energetic long after their appearance begins to deteriorate by advancing years. The emphasis on the young and good looking in todays society has dropped the average age of people seeking face lift surgery from the fifties and forties down to the thirties.

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Enhance Medical Center

462 N. Linden Drive, Suite 333 Beverly Hills, Los Angeles - 90212,California, United States

Enhance Medical Center Los Angeles

Enhance Medical Center is a popular choice among masses when it comes to any cosmetic enhancement treatment. A face lift can be a great way to add some more years to your youth and contribute to an ever-lasting self-confidence and personal satisfaction.

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Barrett Plastic Surgery

120 S. Spalding Dr., Ste. 340 Beverly Hills, Los Angeles - 90212,California, United States

Barrett Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

Facelifts are a wonderful way to counteract common signs of aging and give you a fresher more youthful look. By tightening muscle, removing fat, and trimming excess skin,

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Dr. Ashton Kaidi

1441 Avocado Ave. Suite 601, Newport Beach - 92660,California, United States

Ashton Kaidi Newport Beach 2678 1
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