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Kwadrant Tandartsen

Brialmontlei 38,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Kwadrant Tandartsen Antwerpen 10440
Root Canal What with a severely damaged tooth? Even if your nerve is affected, then we perform a root canal on you. Your root canals are cleaned, disinfected and filled. This requires precision. We use a microscope. And also work here with a rubber dam. This is standard for any treatment in our practice. Read More

Tandartspraktijk Belgielei Kleynjans

Belgielei 149,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Tandartspraktijk Belgielei Kleynjans Antwerpen 10441
Root Canal A root canal treatment consists of the removal of the nerve which is located at the roots of the tooth. Therefore, this treatment is sometimes referred to refute. This treatment is necessary when the nerve in the tooth is infected or dead. Read More


Vlaamse Kaai 24,25, Antwerpen - 2000,Antwerpen, Belgium

Dentology Antwerpen 10446
Root Canal Endodontics is concerned with treating the nerve canal. Due to, for example, inflammations, it may be necessary that the dentist removes the dental nerve with the associated blood vessels. Then disinfects and he fills the nerve cavity. Read More

Tandartspraktijk Peeters and Nuttens

Harmoniestraat 68,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Tandartspraktijk Peeters and Nuttens Antwerpen 10439
Root Canal

A tooth is likely to be treated in two appointments if it is getting a retreatment (being treated a second time). Patients are often curious how long a root canal takes to finish. They can generally expect one or two appointments of about 90 minutes each.Contact Tandartspraktijk Peeters and Nuttens today, and book your appointment with our expert dentist.

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flanders dentistry

Belgielei 57A, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

flanders dentistry Antwerpen
Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth (the root canal system). It\'s also known as \'endodontics\'. For more information on technique and procedure enquire at flanders dentistry.

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B Dent

Amerikalei 106, Antwerpen - 2000,Antwerpen, Belgium

B Dent Antwerpen 10437
Root Canal

At times elective Root Canal is for aesthetic purposes by a cosmetic dentist if indicated when volume of tooth is disturbing the proposed smile design. Contact B Dent today and consult with our expert cosmetic dentist.

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Dr. David Hatzkevich

Belgielei 57A, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

David Hatzkevich Antwerpen 15124 1
Root Canal

Dr. Peter Peeters

Harmoniestraat 68,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Peter Peeters Antwerpen 15128 1
Root Canal

Dr. Nuttens Sofie

Harmoniestraat 68,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Nuttens Sofie Antwerpen 15129 1
Root Canal

Dr. Geert Steukers

Brialmontlei 38,, Antwerpen - 2018,Antwerpen, Belgium

Geert Steukers Antwerpen 15130 1
Root Canal
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