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Dr Priscila Barreto

Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva 1079, Sala 910 Leblon,, Rio De Janeiro - 22440034,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dr Priscila Barreto Rio De Janeiro 8233
Root Canal

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need of dental implants or bridges. At the center of your tooth is pulp. Pulp is a collection of blood vessels that helps to build the surrounding tooth. Infection of the pulp can be caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks and chips, or repeated dental procedures. Symptoms of the infection can be identified as visible injury or swelling of the tooth, sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums. The injured pulp is removed and the root canal system is thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

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Implantar Nucleo Odontologico Avancado

Av. Afonso Pena, 748 Room 1409, Center, Belo Horizonte - 30130904,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Implantar Nucleo Odontologico Avancado Belo Horizonte
Root Canal

Endodontics is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the study of dental pulp, the entire root canal system and periapical tissues, as well as the diseases that afflict them. In cases of changes caries, tooth fractures, tooth trauma, endo-periodontal lesions, prosthetic needs and other endodontic conditions, the endodontic treatment (or root canal therapy) is indicated for the maintenance of the tooth in the mouth, and health periapical tissues.

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Vitacea Odontologia

v. Guarapari, 350 salas 01, 2,03., Santa Amelia, Belo Horizonte - 31560330,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Vitacea Odontologia Belo Horizonte 8274
Root Canal

Dentistry area that deals with the changes of dental pulp caused by caries, trauma, endodontic lesions associated with periodontal lesions, abrasions or dental prosthetic needs. After treatment, the tooth is to receive a restorative treatment.

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Grupo Odontologico Carlos Teodorico

Rua Tome de Souza, 860 15th floor Savassi, Belo Horizonte - 30140131,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Grupo Odontologico Carlos Teodorico Belo Horizonte 8299
Root Canal

The dental pulp is the soft tissue present within reach of the teeth where the nerves and blood vessels that maintain living teeth. Any aggression against this tissue can trigger an inflammation called pulpitis, which can be reversible or irreversible, thus needing to be addressed. The root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is the removal of dental pulp of the pulp chamber and root canal and filling these spaces with a restorative material itself. This is because at this stage, the pulp is already necrotic due to some permanent aggression, or that necrosis is expected to be found the pulp infection.

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ORAL Consultorio Odontologico

Icarai Corporate Street Hawk Peixoto 70, rooms 1507 and 1508, Icarai, Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro - 24230061 ,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

ORAL Consultorio Odontologico Rio De Janeiro 8307
Root Canal As in some cases there is no pain, many patients question the need retreatment. But the challenge does not stop there, and extends from the competence of the individual who conducted the service paid and lost in the first treatment. After all, redoing is always more difficult for the dentist and more expensive for the patient, and the fact that the work has already been done (and paid!), Though with another professional, is unpleasant. Read More

Roberty Odontologia

R. Dois de Dezembro, 78, Flamengo,, Rio De Janeiro - 22220040,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Roberty Odontologia Rio De Janeiro
Root Canal In the root canal treatment professional removes the diseased nerve cleans the interior cavity and the dental models walls, for receiving a material called gutta-percha, which fills the entire cavity. After these procedures carried out the restoration of the tooth. Read More

Clinica Odonto Cunsullte Odontologia

Rua do Rosario, 151 gr. 603,604 Center, Rio De Janeiro - 20041005,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Clinica Odonto Cunsullte Odontologia Rio De Janeiro
Root Canal Endodontic treatments that have long caused fear and concern about the huge amount of sessions to achieve them and expectation of a sore treatment, now also have the technological advances in dentistry. The use and professional knowledge of different anesthetics enable more efficient and lasting anesthetic technique with full control over the dreaded pain. The use of methods to control anxiety when there is indication, are also great supporting treatment. Often the use of antibiotics and / or antiinflammatories is required prior and / or after these treatments. Technological features such as apex locators (equipments that help determine the length and shape of the roots) help to decrease the amount of X-rays and conducting more efficient and rapid treatment. All these techniques and knowledge allow these selected cases, performing endodontic treatment in just one session. Read More

Specialites Odontologia Integrada

Praia do Flamengo, 66, room 717 Block B Flamengo Park Towers Flamengo, Rio De Janeiro - 22120030,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Specialites Odontologia Integrada Rio De Janeiro 8340
Root Canal Endodontics is the specialty that aims at prevention and cure of changes in the dental pulp. The dental pulp tissue is located inside the tooth (channel) and is comprised primarily of nerves and blood vessels. Dental caries is the most common cause of pulp involvement, which can also occur due to dental trauma, dental fractures, endo-periodontal lesions, indicating prosthetic, dental abrasion, among others. Read More

Odontologia Maxima

Rua 03 N 800, 5 andar, Ed. Office Tower Setor Oeste, Goiania - 74110140,Goias, Brazil

Odontologia Maxima Goiania 8365
Root Canal Endodontics is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the health study of dental pulp and the entire root canal system. In cases of alterations by decay, dental fractures, occlusal trauma, endo-periodontal lesions, prosthetic needs and other endodontic conditions, the endodontic treatment (or root canal therapy) is indicated, aimed at maintenance of the tooth in the mouth and health of periapical tissues. Read More

Odonto Agape

Av.Afonso Pena, 941,2 Floor, Belo Horizonte - 31710400,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Odonto Agape Belo Horizonte 8266
Root Canal

Endodontics is a field of dentistry that studies the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of damage to the flesh and periapical region.

Pulp: tissue formed by cells, blood vessels and nerve fibers. Located in the pulp cavity, located in the center of the teeth. It consists of two parts: pulp chamber (located in the coronary part) and the root canal (located in the root)

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