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Easy Dent

ul. Maria Curie 13,, Plovdiv - 4003,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Easy Dent Plovdiv
Dental Implants Caries is a disease suffered by over 95% of people. Besides causing pain complaints that interfere nutrition and comfort, and it represents an early stage in the development of all other disease processes teeth - pulpitis, gangrene, periodontitis and others. So his treatment removes not only momentary complaints, but also saves trouble, time and money. Read More

Dental clinic Amaya

ul. Byalo more 2,, Plovdiv - 4004,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dental clinic Amaya Plovdiv
Dental Implants

Situated in Plovdiv, Dental clinic Amaya provide all kinds of dental treatment, dental cosmetic surgery, Braces on teeth, missing tooth replacement at affordable cost. For more details visit us on our website.

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Dr Genchevi

147 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel, Plovdiv - 4000,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dr Genchevi Plovdiv 10677
Dental Implants

Performed for more than 50 years, dental implants are considered a safe tooth replacement procedure. ... To be eligible for safe implants you should have healthy gums and good bone density to support the implant.send your queries on dental implants to Dr Genchevi
In Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Dental Centre Avanguard

10A, Drava street, 1st floor, Plovdiv - 4002,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dental Centre Avanguard Plovdiv 10691
Dental Implants Dental implant is a titanium screws - a metal that is easily perceived by the body. Allergic reactions to this metal and reactions of the body rejecting the implants are extremely rare. Dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, with time it grows into the implant surface and thus it locks securely. Read More

Dr. Ivan Filipov

10A, Drava street, 1st floor, Plovdiv - 4002,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ivan Filipov Plovdiv 15446 1
Dental Implants

Practice Sanodent

14, Belgrad Str., Plovdiv - 4003,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Practice Sanodent Plovdiv
Dental Implants

Dental implants are made of pure titanium, a material that is totally bio compatible (compatible with body tissues) and actually integrates with the surrounding bone and becomes part of the body. Dental implants are an effective, safe and predictable solution to the problems resulting from missing teeth. Contact Practice Sanodent to know more about the procedure.

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Dr. Martin Trifonov

ul. Byalo more 2,, Plovdiv - 4004,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Martin Trifonov Plovdiv 15423 1
Dental Implants

Dr. Elena Pencheva

ul. Byalo more 2,, Plovdiv - 4004,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Elena Pencheva Plovdiv 15424 1
Dental Implants

Dr. George Genchev

147 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel, Plovdiv - 4000,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

George Genchev Plovdiv 15427 1
Dental Implants

Dr. Asya Genchev

147 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel, Plovdiv - 4000,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Asya Genchev Plovdiv 15428 1
Dental Implants
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