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Allure medspa

201, Shree Krishna, Opp. Laxmi Industrial Est., Near Fun Republic. New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400053,Maharashtra, India

Alluremedspa Mumbai 4 3


Dental Post And Core -INR 20000/- To INR 40000/- Are you in search of dentistry for dental post and core? Look no further as, Dr. Milan Doshis Allure Medspa is one of the biggest ISO 2001:2008 Certified Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Skin treatment & Cosmetic Dentistry Centre for Men and Women. Read More

Root Canal

INR 2000 /- To INR 40000 /-
Are you suffering from continuous pain due to tooth decay? Is your tooth getting discolored or dark? Are you having difficulty in chewing or eating? Do you have sensitive teeth? Then you my friend areRead more

Single sitting Root Canal

INR 30000 /- To INR 40000 /-
Single sitting root canal takes only half an hour to finish procedure thus saves time. The patient does not feel discomfort by local anesthesia again and again every visit. This reduces the re infectiRead more

Re Root Canal

INR 3000 /- To INR 5000 /-
Root canal treatment might be required for re-done as previous treatment has not allowed healing as expected and the infection will not heal without further treatment. Contact Alluremedspa as, Dr. MilRead more

Dr. Asmita Parekh

md, 7 years experience
, Adilabad - 656561,Andhra Pradesh, India

Smita Sharama Beaconsfield 18859 1
Dental Post And Core

Post and Core is given when tooth structure is minimal but the roots are intact. Asmita Parekh offers the treatment of post and core dental restoration, which is used to sufficiently restore a toothmorphology.

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Root Canal

Cosmetic Dental Treatment has advanced to transform your look and smile. Technology advances through cosmetic dentistry can give you the perfect designed smile, quicker and faster than ever before.

Dr. Mani Kapoor

6 years experience
, New Delhi - 110018,Delhi, India

Mani Kapoor New Delhi 19476 1
Dental Post And Core

A post and core is a dental restoration used to sufficiently build-up tooth structure for future restoration i.e crown when there is notenough tooth structure to properly retain the crown. Contact Mani Kapoor to know more about the procedure by booking a consultation with our expert dentist.

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Root Canal

When a tooth is sensitive to hot beverages, or painful in the sleeping position its the time to visit the dentist as it may endangering the nerve of the tooth warranting a root canal treatment. Mani KRead more

Single sitting Root Canal

Would you like final and perfect dental solutions at an acceptable price? Painless dental treatments, friendly and empathic dentists. Contact Mani Kapoor with confidence. The dentist will consult withRead more

Re Root Canal

With advancements in cosmetic dental treatment procedures, patients are able to receive treatment for their dental problems easily from well qualified cosmetic. Are you searching for dentists who treaRead more

Dr. Forum Shah

4 years experience
Parimal 2, Daftari road, Malad East, Mumbai - 400097,Maharashtra, India

Forum Shah Mumbai
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

INR 1400 /- To INR 2000 /-
A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s), and more intricate anatomical brancRead more

Dr. J L Paul

, Ghaziabad - ,Uttar Pradesh, India

J L Paul Ghaziabad 19068 1
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

Single sitting Root Canal

Re Root Canal

Dr. Santosh Dixit

Shop No. 17, Royal Tower, Next to Shrikrishna Veg Court, Viman Nagar, Pune - ,Maharashtra, India

Santosh Dixit Pune 19286 1
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

Dr. Rimo Mathews

No.229 C.T.H. Road, Avadi Check post, Avadi, Chennai - ,Tamil Nadu, India

Rimo Mathews Chennai 19446 1
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

Dr. Ruchira Khanna

, Pune - ,Maharashtra, India

Ruchira Khanna Pune
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

Dr. Baldev R Virdi

, Jalandhar - ,Punjab, India

Baldev R Virdi Jalandhar 19268 1
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

Dr. Amit Agnihotri

Sindhi Camp Gate,Birla Road Satna, Bhopal - ,Madhya Pradesh, India

Amit Agnihotri Bhopal 19277 1
Dental Post And Core

Root Canal

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