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26 Street Jordanowska, Wroclaw - 52403,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Clinident Wroclaw 10258
Root Canal Root canal treatment (endodontic) is often a consequence of prolonged and untreated caries process, so it is recommended that at a very deep caries cavities. The bacteria that cause tooth decay over time move towards the pulp, which is commonly called nerves, with the result that there is a creation of the infection and inflammation. Wroclaw canal treatment is also used for pulp necrosis after fracture or dislocation of the tooth or dental indications - before a crown or bridge. The essence of Wroclaw canal treatment is to remove from the chamber and root canal infected or dead pulp, mechanical, and decontamination widening channels and sealed with special materials to fill them. Read More

Dr. Eva Paterek

ul Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 13, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Eva Paterek Lublin
Root Canal

Dr. Piotr Szpak

ul Radzyminska 5, Bialystok - 15863,Podlaskie, Poland

Piotr Szpak Bialystok 14809 1
Root Canal

Dr. Peter Puchala

Chorzowska 216,, Katowice - 40-121,Slaskie, Poland

Peter Puchala Katowice 14846 1
Root Canal

Dr. Krzysztof Kowalczyk

Chorzowska 216,, Katowice - 40-121,Slaskie, Poland

Krzysztof Kowalczyk Katowice 14847 1
Root Canal

Dr. Dorota Pomianowska

26 Street Jordanowska, Wroclaw - 52403,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Dorota Pomianowska Wroclaw 14853 1
Root Canal

Dr. Lukasz Wojszwillo

2 Safe, Wroclaw - 51114,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Lukasz Wojszwillo Wroclaw 14861 1
Root Canal

Dr. Eugene Noses

9 ul. Olawska, Wroclaw - 50950,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Eugene Noses Wroclaw 14870 1
Root Canal

Dr. Joanna Miszczuk

ul Civic 9, Lublin - 20092,Lubelskie, Poland

Joanna Miszczuk Lublin 14872 1
Root Canal

Dr. Anna Swirska

ul Civic 9, Lublin - 20092,Lubelskie, Poland

Anna Swirska Lublin 14873 1
Root Canal
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