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26 Street Jordanowska, Wroclaw - 52403,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Clinident Wroclaw 10258
Teeth Whitening Before you start whitening your teeth should be to interview a dental involving individual exposure earlier diagnosis and completion of treatment of the teeth. This allows you to determine what factors caused the discoloration of the teeth, and whether treatment is required prior to teeth whitening. Particular attention should be paid to early cure tooth decay and other periodontal diseases. Read More

Dr. Eva Paterek

ul Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 13, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Eva Paterek Lublin
Teeth Whitening

Dent Plast

ul Radzyminska 5, Bialystok - 15863,Podlaskie, Poland

Dent Plast Bialystok 10227
Teeth Whitening We have extended experience in teeth whitening. We encourage our patients to whiten their teeth as it does not have any negative effect on teeth.Teeth darken for many reasons. The most common one is nutrition. Many food such as coffee, tea, coca-cola, red wine, etc and also nicotine as well as some antibiotics ( tetracycline group) cause dental deposit and discolouration as they simply dye teeth. After some time teeth become darken and even the best toothpaste cannot get rid of stains. It also happens that our teeth are dark or yellowish since we were born. Read More

Beauty Dental Clinic

ul Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 13, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Beauty Dental Clinic Lublin
Teeth Whitening Over the years we eat colored food, drink tea or coffee or smoke cigarettes, making the teeth begin to darken. Regular cleaning can remove some superficial stain on the enamel, but those which deeply penetrated the tooth structure are difficult to remove by conventional means. Read More

Denta Spa

ul Federal 26, Lublin - 20148,Lubelskie, Poland

Denta Spa Lublin 10266
Teeth Whitening It is difficult to enjoy for years healthy and beautiful teeth without regular visits to the dentist. Nothing stands in the way to fight the dark pigmentation that destroy well-groomed appearance of our smile. Dent Spa Dental clinic uses two methods of bleaching, which instantly and permanently restores luminosity teeth Read More

Wojcik Dental Clinic

ul. Grzybowska 3,, Warsaw - 00-132,Mazowieckie, Poland

Wojcik Dental Clinic Warsaw
Teeth Whitening Professional in-office teeth whitening is an aesthetic procedure. In our clinic, we are able to achieve a phenomenal final result thanks to the BIANCO whitening lamp. The BIANCO in-chair whitening system is a scientifically advanced, patented procedure, which has equal among other methods of teeth whitening. This light-activated teeth bleaching procedure is safe for tooth enamel and gives guaranteed effects after just two 15-minute sessions, during which a special gel is applied to the teeth before they are treated with light. Read More

Elektoralna Dental Clinic

ul. Elektoralna 28,, Warsaw - 00-892,Mazowieckie, Poland

Elektoralna Dental Clinic Warsaw 10278
Teeth Whitening Achieving success, both professional and social, largely depends on appearance. The key is the first impression that lasts only a few seconds. In addition to the appropriate attire and hairstyle, each caller draws attention to smile. Well-groomed and white teeth will add you confidence. Read More

Dent Artis

ul Sapphire 2 24, Lublin - 20573,Lubelskie, Poland

Dent Artis Lublin
Teeth Whitening A beautiful smile is a smile white and healthy. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a simple, fast and above all safe whitening treatments. The study DentArtis we offer teeth whitening overlay method. His name is also her homework, because the patient can do it yourself at home. Everything in close contact with the dentist and following his recommendations. Read More

Villa Nova Dental Clinic

ul. Kondratowicza 18,423, Warsaw - 03-285,Mazowieckie, Poland

Villa Nova Dental Clinic Warsaw 10280
Teeth Whitening Beautiful, white, shinning and healthy teeth are everyones dream. The colour of our teeth depends on the degree of mineralization of hard tissue of the tooth. Regardless of what the nature gave us we are able to correct the colour of our teeth. For this purpose we can use a whitening treatment. Read More

Ideal Med

ul Chodzki 13 4 5 , Lublin - 20093,Lubelskie, Poland

Ideal Med Lublin 10282
Teeth Whitening during the treatment the doctor gets impressions, enabling them to carry special individual for each patient the caps on his teeth. Transparent, convenient and flexible cap ensure the security of bleaching power during sleep and is insignificant during the day. A dentist seems to patient syringe with a special gel, explains to the patient how to apply for overlays, and how long they post. At home, the patient places a cap filled with gel on your teeth and leave it on all night. Read More
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