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Dr. Christoph Villiger

81 Holbeinstrasse, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Christoph Villiger Basel 13865 1
Root Canal

Dr. Wolfgang Muller

61 Schutzenmattstrasse, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Wolfgang Muller Basel 13869 1
Root Canal

Dr. Boris Nikas

2a Gellertstrasse, Basel - 4052,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Boris Nikas Basel 13904 1
Root Canal

Dr. Adrian Buttel

St Johanns Vorstadt 30, Basel - 4056,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Adrian Buttel Basel 13914 1
Root Canal

Dr. Garry Bonsall

St Alban Vorstadt 78, Basel - 4052,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Garry Bonsall Basel 13917 1
Root Canal

Dr. Kian Dilmaghani

Eisengasse12 Tanzgasslein 2, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Kian Dilmaghani Basel 13907 1
Root Canal

Dr Christoph Villiger

81 Holbeinstrasse, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Dr Christoph Villiger Basel 9539
Root Canal Machine drilled preparation of root canals. Computer-aided searches for the apical foramen (determination of root length). Read More

Dr. Jan Zaborsky

17 Greifengasse, Basel - 4058,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Jan Zaborsky Basel
Root Canal

Dr Wolfgang Muller

61 Schutzenmattstrasse, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Dr Wolfgang Muller Basel 9542
Root Canal The endodontics (including endodontics) is a subfield of conservative dentistry and is primarily concerned with the prevention and treatment of diseases of internal tissue (pulp) of the teeth. The endodontic treatment includes measures for the conservation of the pulp and, where this is no longer possible to restore healthy conditions in the root canal and into the adjacent tissues (periapex) in the root tip. Goals each endodontic treatment are the preservation of the diseased tooth and the permanent prevention of harmful effects on the whole organism, which could be caused by a diseased tooth. Read More

St Albantor

2a Gellertstrasse, Basel - 4052,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

St Albantor Basel
Root Canal The root canal of a tooth is basically the central and at the same time demanding action to preserve the tooth. First, however, it is this step if possible to avoid. We would like your teeth as possible receive vital. Vitale teeth have a root-treated teeth as opposed to better prognosis ie mouthing. Unfortunately, the patient often comes too late. For example, because he does not regularly come into the control and teeth cleaning, but is only logs when it hurts. Then its too late for the vital conservation of the tooth in most cases. Read More
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