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Tree City Family Dental

7301 W Emerald St, Suite 102, Boise - 83704,Idaho, United States

Tree City Family Dental Boise 6425
Root Canal

A root canal is done when the pulp - the live tissue inside your tooth - dies due to trauma or decay, or becomes infected when bacteria are introduced. Root canal therapy is when the dentist opens the tooth and removes the damaged pulp. The canal is cleaned and instrumented smooth, then filled with a special filling material. This is the only choice to keep your tooth. As long as the tooth has good bone support, and enough tooth structure left to restore it, root canal therapy will be recommended to maintain the tooth in your mouth

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Season Dental

425 N. Overland Ave., Burley - 83318,Idaho, United States

Season Dental Burley
Root Canal

A dentist pronouncement that a root canal is needed often ranks high on people never wish to hear lists. The anticipation of a painful procedure leads many to put it off as long as possible. Unfortunately, the infection wont go away on its own, and the ache and tenderness in the tooth continues to increase, until it is simply unbearable.

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Dental Health Center

56 Professional Plaza,, Rexburg - 83440,Idaho, United States

Dental Health Center Rexburg 6469
Root Canal

Root canals are a wonderful, modern way to save teeth that have been damaged by fractures or tooth decay. Each tooth contains a long, thin strand of dental pulp that provides the tooth with nutrients. This pulp extends down into the tooths root. If the pulp becomes infected or injured the nerves of the tooth die and often the tooth will have to be removed. Luckily, you can keep that tooth intact because of our specialists at The Dental Health Center.

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All Phases Dentistry

3810 N. Garden Center Way, Boise - 83703,Idaho, United States

All Phases Dentistry Boise 6477
Root Canal

We provide fast and comfortable root canals. Dr. Sjoberg has a lot of experience in using root canal therapy to save teeth and relieve pain. The most immediate symptoms you may need a root canal are tooth pain that spreads to adjacent parts of the mouth and jaw. If you think you may be in need of a root canal call us now and we will arrange to get you seen right away.

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Roberts and Hall Dentistry

256 Martin St., Twin Falls - 83301,Idaho, United States

Roberts and Hall Dentistry Twin Falls
Root Canal

Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection. In order to save the tooth, the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth), nerves, bacteria and any decay are removed and the resulting space is filled with special medicated dental materials, sealing off the tooth from any potential recurrent infection.

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Park West Dental Care

885 Pancheri Drive, Idaho Falls - 83402,Idaho, United States

Park West Dental Care Idaho Falls 6499
Root Canal

Among patients, root canals are one of the most widely known restorative procedures, and not usually for positive reasons. The root canal procedure has a reputation for being a painful and altogether unpleasant experience. At Park West Dental Care, however, your experience with Drs. Jacobson and Drake will change this perception. They take great care to provide pain-free dentistry. In fact they have gained excellent reputations for this with their patients in Idaho Falls. When a tooth is badly infected the root can die, causing it and the surrounding pulp to rot within the tooth and producing a severe toothache for the patient.

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Dr Dennis Hatch

790 N. Meridian St., Blackfoot - 83221,Idaho, United States

Dr Dennis Hatch Blackfoot 6546
Root Canal

Root canals are tiny passageways that branch off from beneath the top of the tooth, coursing their way vertically downward, until they reach the tip of the root. All teeth have between one and four root canals. Many tooth problems involve infections that spread to the pulp, which is the inner chamber of the tooth containing blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. When the infection becomes worse, it can begin affecting the roots. A traumatic injury to a tooth can also compromise the pulp, leading to similar problems.

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Blaisdell Family Dentistry

8877 W. Hackamore, Boise - 83709,Idaho, United States

Blaisdell Family Dentistry Boise
Root Canal

Root canals or endodontics are used to treat infections that occur in the center of a tooth which is referred to as the root canal system. Helping Relieve Toothache In Boise With Root Canal Treatment Bacteria that live in the mouth can invade the pulp or center hollow of a tooth when there is:

Tooth decay

  1. Fillings leak

Teeth are damaged by a fall or other dental procedures
Severe toothache may occur

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Comfort Care Dental

3550 Washington Parkway,, Idaho Falls - 83404,Idaho, United States

Comfort Care Dental Idaho Falls 6604
Root Canal

Endodontics is the dental specialty that deals with the nerves of the teeth. Root canals are probably the most notorious procedure in dentistry and the most common procedure relating to endodontics. When a tooth becomes infected it is usually related to the nerves in the root of the tooth. The infected nerves need to be removed. If left untreated an infection can turn into an abscess, which is a much more serious problem that includes bone loss in the jaw.

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Simms Family Dentistry

4700 N Cloverdale Rd. Ste 104, Boise - 83713,Idaho, United States

Simms Family Dentistry Boise
Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure that is completed when the inside of the tooth, known as the pulp, is damaged. The pulp is the inside of the tooth where the blood supply and nerve of the tooth are found. There are several things that can cause damage to the pulp but some are: trauma (a blow to the tooth), decay, a cracked tooth, multiple or deep fillings on a tooth.

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