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Cosmetic Studio

373/2, 100 Ft. Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560008, India., Bangalore - 560008,Karnataka, India

Cosmetic Studio Bangalore
Hair Transplant

This is caused by a hormone called Di Hydro testosterone,  about three percent of Testosterone the male hormone gets into the skin where it gets converted to Di Hydro Testosterone and this hormone attacks the hair roots and causes it to become weak and produce hair which are thin in nature, thin hairs are not cosmetically good hairs and if untreated ultimately the roots do not manufacture any hair at all.

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The Venkat Center for Skin & Plastic Surgery

#3437, 1 G Cross, 7th Main, Subbanna Garden Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560040,Karnataka, India

TheVenkatCenterforSkinPlasticSurgery Bangalore 15227 1
Hair Transplant -INR 25000/- To INR 0/- Human hair grows in a continuous cyclic pattern of growth and rest known as hair growth cycle. This cycle applies to all hair in the body, though their duration varies in different areas of the body.
Human shed hair everyday. On average, 50-100 hairs are shed daily. This is not a cause of cencern, as new hair grow in their place. It’s when hair start falling excessively, it becomes a cause of concern.
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure of taking permanent hair from back of the head and using it to replace lost hair in the front of the head.
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Cosmetic Surgery Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals, 154/11 Opp IIM Bannerghatta Road,, Bangalore - 560076,Karnataka, India

Cosmetic Surgery Bangalore Bangalore
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the donor site to bald or balding part of the body known as the recipient site. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.

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NU Cosmetic Clinic Jayanagar

Building No 1374, 1st Floor, 32nd Cross, 4th T Block Jayanagar,, Bangalore - 560034,Karnataka, India

NU Cosmetic Clinic Jayanagar Bangalore 79
Hair Transplant

Your hair is major part of your personality. When you experience extreme hair thinning it is very distressing because it dampens confidence in ones looks. Hair Transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss. This gives you a natural looking hairline. The transplanted hair grows like natural hair and does not require special care.

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Curls Curv Cosmetic Surgery Center

Door No. :49,1st Floor,West Of Chord Road (service road) 1st Stage, 6th Phase, Mahaganapathi Nagar Bangalore, Karnataka-India, LANDMARK:Near Nandhini Hotel,Varair Bakery , and JP Lights, Bangalore - 560010,Karnataka, India

Curls Curv Cosmetic Surgery Center Bangalore
Hair Transplant

If youre hesitating or have any doubt about hair transplant procedure; consultation with board certified doctor at Curls Curv Cosmetic Surgery Center would really help. You can find many results of our past patients undergone hair transplant at our website in before and after gallery section.

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Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

# 301, 2nd Floor, Esteem Kanaka Plaza, No.652, 11th Main Main, 4th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore-560011, Karnataka, India., Bangalore - 560011,Karnataka, India

Midas Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Bangalore 35
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation surgery is based on the principle of ˜Donor Dominance. Hair at the back and sides of the scalp continue to grow throughout the life a person, even in a man with severe hair loss

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Dezire Clinic

No.101, Prestige Meridian MG Road, Bangalore, Bangalore - 560001,Karnataka, India

Dezire Clinic Bangalore
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is performed for male and female pattern baldness treatment as a day care procedure under local anesthesia. You will be discharged on the same day after the procedure is completed. The procedure is completed in around last 6-10 hours depending on the amount of grafts to be transplanted.

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Cosmesis India

Suite 213, 2nd Floor, EVA Mall, 60, Brigade Road, Brigade Road,, Bangalore - 560025,Karnataka, India

Cosmesis India Bangalore
Hair Transplant

The procedure is usually performed for androgenic alopecia ( Male pattern baldness). Though it is performed for other areas as well like the Beard, Moustache, Scars, etc. Some times it is also performed for women.
 The aim is to redistribute the hair from areas which are resistant to hair fall - Safe area ( in between the ears at the back of the head ) to the front of the head and bald areas.

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Sun Cosmetic Clinic

No 1215 HIG 8 B CROSS Yelhanka New Town, Bangalore - 560064,Karnataka, India

Sun Cosmetic Clinic Bangalore 1
Hair Transplant

Hair replacement - or a hair transplant - involves the transplantation of your own hair grafts or micro-grafts to fill places left bald because of missing or thinning hair.

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Dr Chetan Cosmetic Surgeon

Sai Prasanna cosmetic surgery centre No.36,CBI Main road, Opp.Sichi sagar hotel(near church) Ganganagar, Bangalore-32, Bangalore - 560032,Karnataka, India

Dr Chetan Cosmetic Surgeon Bangalore
Hair Transplant

Hair fall is part of a normal hair-growth cycle. Throughout a normal growth cycle, many hairs are shed. Loss of 50 to even 100 hairs daily is not cause for alarm. Noticeable thinning indicates significant hair loss or balding.

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