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Dr. Niteen Dhepe

The Nucleus Mall, F5, F6 a, F6b, F7, F8 & S9, Floor 1 & 2nd, Church Road, Opposite Commissioner Offi, Pune - 11001,Maharashtra, India

Niteen Dhepe Pune 19415 1
Hair Transplant

Dr. Niteen Dhepe

, Pune - ,Maharashtra, India

Niteen Dhepe Pune 19415 1
Hair Transplant

Dr. Pravin Venekar


Pravin Venekar Pune 19315 1
Hair Transplant

Dr. Kiran Chotaliya

1st Floor, Aishwariyam, Katepuram Chowk, Pimple Guruv- Sanghavi, Pune - ,Maharashtra, India

Kiran Chotaliya Pune 19319 1
Hair Transplant

Dr. Viral Desai

B, Shree Dattaguru Complex, Next to Bank of India, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune - 411001,Maharashtra, India

Viral Desai Mumbai 3 1
Hair Transplant The number of sessions to complete your hair restoration will depend on the size of the balding area, donor yield and your goal. A substantially receding hairline or even large bald areas, can receive very good hair growth coverage. Grey hair, too, can be transplanted. Read More


2,Sneh Rivier, Next to Model Colony Lake Off FC Road or Lakaki Road., Pune - 411016,Maharashtra, India

Aestheticsemedispa Pune 93
Hair Transplant

No need to be sad anymore about being bald or losing too much hair! Aesthetic Medispa can help restoring your youth through hair transplantor non-surgical treatment also.

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Suvish Holistic Wellness Center

383, khopkar Heights, Office No. 104, 1st Floor, opposite YMCA, Quarter Gate, Rasta Peth,, Pune - 411011,Maharashtra, India

Suvish Holistic Wellness Center Pune 11392
Hair Transplant This technique, also called as follicular unit transplantation, is used to treat male pattern baldness when the cells in hair follicles lose the ability to grow further. When the cells fail to respond, hairs dont grow in that area and results in baldness. This condition could be cured by extracting hair follicles that are resistant to baldness and planting in bald areas. Once the healthy hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area, it continues to grow as usual and thus produces hair. On your consultation, initially we investigate your hair problem and by considering your preferences, we provide detailed advice on what to expect and also about the best approach that would give you good results. Hair transplantation has fewer temporary side effects including hair thinning, swelling in scalp or forehead, itching or scratching. These conditions could be cured using medications. Read More

Karishma Laser Cosmetic Clinic

1154 Ground Floor,Prime Arcade Saifee Lane,Near Videotron Library,Camp, Pune - 411001,Maharashtra, India

Karishma Laser Cosmetic Clinic Pune
Hair Transplant

It is normal for you to lose approximately 100 hairs every day, but these hairs then re-grow several months later. When the hair loss exceeds new hair growth, it results in baldness. Once it starts, hair loss is progressive and often continues for a lifetime. 

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Nuleaf Skin and Hair Clinic

203 Pushpa Prestige Opp City Pride Multiplex Pune Satara Road, Pune - 411038,Maharashtra, India

Nuleaf Skin and Hair Clinic Pune 12548
Hair Transplant Hair Transplant cost is calculated in per graft basis. In a area of the scalp around 40 to 50 grafts area planted. We measure the area in and calculate to number of grafts required and hence the cost is determined Read More

Skin City Indias Largest Hair And Skin Restoration Centre-Pune

The Nucleus Mall, F5, F6 a, F6b, F7, F8 & S9, Floor 1 & 2nd, Church Road, Opposite Commissioner Offi, Pune - 11001,Maharashtra, India

SkinCityIndiasLargestHairAndSkinRestorationCentre-Pune Pune 14379 1
Hair Transplant

At Skin City Indias Largest Hair And Skin Restoration Centre-Pune, we have customized non-surgical hair replacement and surgical hair transplant to meet the varied needs of our clients. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique to overcome problems due to hair loss.

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