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Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center

Opposite to Alwenia school 678, Trichy road Coimbatore, Coimbatore - 641045,Tamil Nadu, India

Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center Coimbatore
Hair Transplant

Hair transplant can be less expensive in the long run when you consider maintaining the hair piece and the permanent happiness that is happening with hair transplantation

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Nova Cosmetic Surgery Centre

# 48 Cowely Brown Road, R.S.puram, Coimbatore, Coimbatore - 641002,Tamil Nadu, India

Nova Cosmetic Surgery Centre Coimbatore
Hair Transplant

Male Hair Loss: Age, testosterone and heredity. Like many things in life, our age and family history offer a good prediction of what we will see in ourselves. Male hair CAN BE sensitive to and harmed by a break down product of testosterone ¦ DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE. Thus, the basis of medical treatment for hair loss is targeted at preventing dihydrotestosterones harmful effects on hair. Both topical minoxidil and oral medicines (finisteride) work by decreasing the effects of dihydrotestosterone on GENETICALLY predisposed hair follicles.

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Sushruta Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center

Selva Tower, No.320, 1st Floor, Avinashi Road, Near Fun Republic Mall, Peelamedu, , Coimbatore - 641004,Tamil Nadu, India

Sushruta Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center Coimbatore
Hair Transplant

Baldness occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots. No amount of oil , massage or medicines can put life back into the dead roots. Hair transplantation (HT) offers a scientific solution by implanting new hair roots.It is well known that hair on the back (occipital) region of the head almost never fall off (due to a genetic tendency to remain permanent). HT is based on the concept that if hair roots taken from the back region are transplanted to the area of baldness, they will, after a short period of effluvium, continue to grow hair in the new site for as long as they would have in their original site. Follicular micro or mini grafts are used to provide the desired density of hair. Since the new transplanted hair is from ones own body, it will grow naturally with time & one can shampoo, trim or even shave it.

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Cutis Skin Clinic

218 1 first floor Brindaban Thiru Venkatasamy Road East R S Puram, Coimbatore - 641002,Tamil Nadu, India

Cutis Skin Clinic Coimbatore 11273
Hair Transplant Hair transplantation means, transplanting live hair roots onto the bald area. These transplanted hair roots behave in the same manner as the hair from the area where they are extracted from. We do follicular unit transfer ( FUT) for hair transplantation. FUT involves the removal of a strip of superficial layers of hair bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head (donor area). The strip is dissected into fine follicular units with the help of stereo microscopes and are transplanted on to the bald area (recipient area). Read More
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