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Ground Floor. 11 A Rawdon Street Near La Martinere School / Kala Mandir, Kolkata - 700017,West Bengal, India

Plastangel Kolkata
Hair Loss Treatment

Identification of any medical or other causes of hair loss is necessary. Treatment of these causes results in best possible reversal of hair loss and preventing baldness.
Minoxidil and Low dose Finasteride have the best effect amongst medicines for baldness. Mesotherapy can be considered in selected cases. Some exciting new developments like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Botox in a specially delivered pattern, have resulted in good reversal of hair loss in many patients.  


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Wizderm Skin And Hair Clinic

1 503, Gariahat Road, south Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700068,West Bengal, India

Wizderm Skin And Hair Clinic Kolkata 11236
Hair Loss Treatment It is normal for people to loose some hair daily. In fact, 70-150 strands are lost daily in most cases, due to washing, brushing and combing but to categorise such hair loss to be dangerous, we need a parameter. According to the dermatologists when the scalp hair starts to thin and when more hair is lost through normal shedding and the scalp is not able to re-grow the loss then people should start to get concerned and get themselves checked by dermatologists. Read More

Dr Pauls Clinic

FE 400 Saltlake City, Sector lll Near GD Island PNB, Kolkata - 700016,West Bengal, India

Dr Pauls Clinic Kolkata 11359
Hair Loss Treatment Dont feel hopeless about your hair loss. There are many possible causes for it and each is responsible for its own genetic makeup. Our hair loss treatments are developed to treat every kind of hair disorder, remove ˜assuring you a complete hair growth. Get a better insight into the causes of hair loss and its treatment methods. Read More

Skintech Studioz

46A Ballygunge Place Near SouthPoint High School Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019,West Bengal, India

Skintech Studioz Kolkata
Hair Loss Treatment Laser therapy for the hair is a pinpoint injury created microscopically to trigger the hair cells to get into the active stage. This stimulation enhances the dormant hair follicle to get into the active phrase. Read More
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