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Dr Manoj Khanna Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, 12, Loudon Street, Kolkata - 30066,West Bengal, India

Dr Manoj Khanna Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Kolkata


Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is not to be confused with hair replacement, in the way of wigs and hair systems. Hair replacement involves using synthetic or human hair to temporarily cover a bald spot, and hair replacement systems require quite a bit of professional styling and upkeep to blend with your natural hairline. 

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Dr. Manoj Khanna

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, 12, Loudon Street, Kolkata - 30066,West Bengal, India

Manoj Khanna Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Kaayakalp Cosmetic Laser Surgery Clinic

P-158, 2nd floor, C.I.T. Road Kankurgachi Scheme VI M, Kolkata , WB, , Kolkata - 700054,West Bengal, India

Kaayakalp Cosmetic Laser Surgery Clinic Kolkata
Hair Transplant

We have a fully equipped Hair Transplant Unit at the Center. A hair transplant is done not only for baldness but also for receding hairline giving an all natural and undetectable results. The hair will be so natural that you can dye, perm, straighten, cut or shave without any worries.


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Cosmetic Therapy

Divine Polyclinic:Near Beliaghata Trikon park, Kolkata - 700091,West Bengal, India

Cosmetic Therapy Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is widely done in different parts of Kolkata since a long period. Kolkata is now the place of choice to get hair transplantation done by people of other parts of India and also abroad. A group of young, talented and highly skilled surgeons have made Kolkata the best destination of affordable and famous hair restoration. Among them Cosmetic- Therapy, a cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic in Kolkata run by the consultant cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jayanta kumar Saha, has gained its popularity by offering dozens of successful restorations under short period of time. High success rate at this clinic is due to Dr. Sahas relentless active involvement in every single case of hair implant and effort of his team of dedicated surgeons and experienced technical stuffs. Inspiration, keen interest and application of state-of-the -art technologies have made hair restoration process an uneventful and least complicated at Cosmetic Therapy  clinic.

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Dr Arindam Sarkar

37B,Lansdown Terrace,Beside Deshapriya Park Adjacent Building National High School For Girls, First Floor Kolkata West Bengal, India., Kolkata - 700026,West Bengal, India

Dr Arindam Sarkar Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Patients own hair is taken from back of scalp and transplanted over bald areas by follicular unit technique. This hair is permanent, grows normally, needs hair cut & shampooing. Also done over moustache, beard and eye brows. This is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery performed. Baldness is usually hereditary and may be of male or female type. It can be done in any age & sex in an adult person. 

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Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata

Near Behala 14 No. Bus Stand Behala, Kolkata, WB, Kolkata - 700060,West Bengal, India

Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is not limited to male patients who most commonly get bald: women with patchy or diffuse hair loss are also candidates. Not only the hair over the scalp, but hair loss over the beard, moustache and eyebrow areas as well as other areas of the body are also treatable with the technique of hair transplantation.There are few available techniques for this surgical procedure and selection depends upon the severity and type of baldness. So far, male pattern baldness has been categorized into 7 types. Observation and experiments revealed that hair loss is mostly confined to the front and top of the head. It is most unlikely even in case of severe baldness that loss of hair would be complete from back end of the head to the front. It is supposed that the hairs at the back of the scalp are permanent and genetically resistant and not under the control of any genetic predisposition or hormonal activity. 

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Ground Floor. 11 A Rawdon Street Near La Martinere School / Kala Mandir, Kolkata - 700017,West Bengal, India

Plastangel Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants or relocates hair follicles from back of the head (which is most resistant to baldness) to the balding areas in the front or top of the head.
Surgically performed hair transplant involves precise and close placement of large numbers of small grafts consisting of naturally occurring bundles of hair. The grafts are obtained after fine dissection of the donor area of the scalp under high magnification. These grafts are then transplanted into the recipient areas under magnification, for precise placement.

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Microlap Nursing Home

24, Bepin Pal Road Kolkata West Bengal, India., Kolkata - 700026,West Bengal, India

Microlap Nursing Home Kolkata
Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a procedure by which hairs from hairy portion of scalp with there roots are moved to an area of bald and transplanted there. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia in majority of the cases as an outpatient procedure. The newly transplanted hairs grow gradually and when growth is complete they can be washed, cleaned, curled, and styled as desired.


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Dr K S Chhajer Lifeline Nursing Home

9A, K.K. Tagore Street Kolkata,West Bengal,, Kolkata - 700007,West Bengal, India

Dr K S Chhajer Lifeline Nursing Home Kolkata
Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a fairly known process but it is surgical process to get back the lost hair and looks. Any surgical process has its sets of disadvantages and does tertiary harm to the body. 

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Dr Pauls Clinic

FE 400 Saltlake City, Sector lll Near GD Island PNB, Kolkata - 700016,West Bengal, India

Dr Pauls Clinic Kolkata 11359
Hair Transplant The hair transplantation is the only permanent method to restore the hair. It involves the transplantation of the hair follicles in its naturally occurring groups. The basis of hair transplantation is based on the fact that the occipital hair (back side of the scalp) is never lost and more importantly they retain this property when they are transplanted to the recipient site or the required site. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and the duration can vary from 5-10 hours depending on the number of the hair grafts transplanted during the session. The transplanted hair starts to grow within 8-10 weeks. Read More
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