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The Belgravia Centre

52 Grosvenor Gardens, London - SW1W0AU,England, United Kingdom

The Belgravia Centre London 12646
Female Pattern Baldness Whilst genetic thinning and baldness is more common in men, tens of thousands of women in Britain suffer from female pattern hair loss. However, it affects the genders differently. While men experience ˜vertex balding and/or ˜receding frontal hairline, women with female pattern hair loss generally experience ˜diffused thinning, generally throughout the top of the head or crown. Read More

Farji Hair Institute

152 Harley Street, London - W1G 7LH,England, United Kingdom

Farji Hair Institute London 12647
Female Pattern Baldness The commonly held and incorrect belief that hair loss in women is uncommon can lead to women suffering from the condition to wonder if there is something seriously wrong. In turn, this can lead to them taking quite some time to pluck up the courage to seek medical advice, and even longer to seek treatment. A confidential consultation with our experienced team can provide the reassurance and confidence needed to take a positive step to remedy the situation. Our links with leading academic and commercial hair research units mean that we are at the forefront of new developments and genuine techniques to help alleviate hair loss problems in women. Read More

The Holborn Hair and Scalp Clinic

97 Grays Inn Road, London - WC1X 8TX ,England, United Kingdom

The Holborn Hair and Scalp Clinic London
Female Pattern Baldness The cause of hereditary hair thinning and hairloss. Androgenetic Alopecia is a multi-factorial condition in which follicular exposure to androgens (testosterone, androsteinedione,and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes progressive follicle miniaturisation together with reduced anagen (hair growing) phase. Vellus hairs are created and remain. Female pattern baldness caused by follicular miniaturisation associated with endocrine changes and increased androgen presence. Read More

London Centre of Trichology

37 Blandford Street, London - W1U 7HB,England, United Kingdom

London Centre of Trichology London 12617
Female Pattern Baldness Androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss found in women today. It is similar to the common form of hair loss suffered by males and known as male pattern baldness, manifesting itself in an equally predicable but different way. The condition can be very difficult for most women to accept since a large part of a woman identity is tied up in her hair. A womans hair plays a central and pivotal role in the way she is perceived by others and in her perception of herself, so to start losing it, can be very worrying. Read More
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