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Dr. Eliza Blackwood

Level 32, 1 Market Street, Sydney - 2000,New South Wales, Australia

Eliza Blackwood Sydney 17057 1
Psoriasis Treatment

Dr. Robert Salmon

25 Osborne Street, Wollongong - 2500,New South Wales, Australia

Robert Salmon Wollongong 17100 1
Psoriasis Treatment

Dr. Lizbeth Wheeler

25 Osborne Street, Wollongong - 2500,New South Wales, Australia

Lizbeth Wheeler Wollongong 17103 1
Psoriasis Treatment

Illawarra Dermatology and Laser Clinic

25 Osborne Street, Wollongong - 2500,New South Wales, Australia

Illawarra Dermatology and Laser Clinic Wollongong 11937
Psoriasis Treatment Psoriasis is a common condition that produces thickened, scaly skin. It mainly affects the scalp, elbows and knees. Its exact cause is unknown but it seems to be triggered by an abnormality in the bodys immune system. A bad case can negatively affect a persons quality of life. Read More

Dr Andrew MacKenzie

402 Crown Street , Wollongong - 2500,New South Wales, Australia

Dr Andrew MacKenzie Wollongong 11938
Psoriasis Treatment

With excimer laser therapy in psoriasis, patients usually have two treatments lasting 15-30 minutes each week for three or more weeks, with at least a 48-hour break between treatments. With pulsed dye laser therapy, sessions go for 15-30 minutes every three weeks.

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CBD Natural Health

Level 32, 1 Market Street, Sydney - 2000,New South Wales, Australia

CBD Natural Health Sydney 11899
Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis has a physical impact on the skin, but it also affects people's feelings, behaviours and experiences. It is important to recognize and acknowledge the social effects of Psoriasis in order to cope up with the disease. Not all people react the same way toward Psoriasis.

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Healthy Skin Clinic

38 Bayview Bvd Bayview, Darwin - 0820,Northern Territory, Australia

Healthy Skin Clinic Darwin 11950
Psoriasis Treatment Psoriasis is a genetic disorder (running in families) that is characterized by its large, silvery and often thick scale. The red patches underlying the scale are usually well defined. The most obvious characteristic of skin psoriasis is the scaling which when examined microscopically has hyperproliferation of skin cells and abnormal keratinocyte differentiation. Inflammation is presentPsoriasis of the scalp and forehead and there are various markers of immune dysregulation. Read More
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