Laser Tattoo Removal in Bulgaria

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Dr. Snezhana Atanasova

36A bul. Koprivshtitsa, Plovdiv - 4000,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Snezhana Atanasova Plovdiv 17584 1
Laser Tattoo Removal

Dr. Julian Penev

bul Hr Smirnenski DCC St Marina fl 2 c, Varna - 9000,Varna, Bulgaria

Julian Penev Varna
Laser Tattoo Removal

Derma Vita Clinic

8 str Akad Ivan Buresh, Sofia - 1407,Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

Derma Vita Clinic Sofia
Laser Tattoo Removal For many years now Q-switched lasers with various wavelengths have been used to remove tattoos. Compared to other methods this treatment has the benefit that risk of scar formation is very low. For a short time the Q-swithed lasers are use for removal of permanent make-up, too. As the high-energy laser pulses of these devices are only a number of nanoseconds long, they are absorbed by the pigment particles selectively without causing any coincident thermal damage to tissue. The ink particles are fragmented by the laser irradiation; the fragments are then reabsorbed by phagocytosis. Read More

Dr Julian Penev

bul Hr Smirnenski DCC St Marina fl 2 c, Varna - 9000,Varna, Bulgaria

Dr Julian Penev Varna
Laser Tattoo Removal The methodology of treatment with this laser is considered the gold standard in the world dermatology practice in the removal of tattoo, and also is indicated for the treatment of epidermal solar, senile spots and freckles. On average, a professionally made colorful and saturated tattoo requires 5 to 8 sessions while one-way amateur tattoos require 3 to 5 sessions. Read More

ATA Derma

36A bul. Koprivshtitsa, Plovdiv - 4000,Plovdiv, Bulgaria

ATA Derma Plovdiv 12393
Laser Tattoo Removal

Most people need 6 to 8 sessions to completely remove their tattoo. The number of treatments needed depends on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, and your skin type. Large tattoos can take 10 sessions or more. In order for the skin to heal, sessions are spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Read More


Zornitsa bl 50 Medical center fl 2, Burgas - 8000,Burgas, Bulgaria

Vitalaiz Burgas 12401
Laser Tattoo Removal Tattoo Removal technology based on light was investigated since it became generally known that tattoos often exposed to sunlight fade faster than those that are protected from light. Read More
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