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Dr. Sergio Ceja

Jaime Balmes 11 int 112C, Miguel Hidalgo Los Morales, Mexico City - 11510,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Sergio Ceja Mexico City 17307 1

Dr. Claudio Cayetano

Torre Medica, Office 204 Av. Palmira No.600 San Luis Potosi San Luis Potosi, Mexico City - 78210,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Claudio Cayetano Mexico City 17299 1

Dr. Esperanza Martinez

Camino a Sta. Teresa 1055, Magdalena Contreras Heroes de Padierna, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Esperanza Martinez Mexico City

Dr Mauro Armenta

Office 235, 2nd Floor. Calzada Acoxpa 430 Col. Ex Hacienda Coapa. Tlalpan, Mexico City - 14308,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Mauro Armenta Mexico City 12111
Botox Botulinum toxin allows the selective immobilization of some of the facial muscles, which in turn, can erase lines and wrinkles that form on the skin. The most common areas of application are the forehead, between the eyebrows and the outer region of the eyes where wrinkles known as crows feet form. It is a procedure for quick, painless and generates a lot of satisfaction to patients for his face look younger, with a subtle, rapid change and that is affordable. The application of botulinum toxin also generates excellent results in patients with hyperhidrosis , it is excessive sweating, which is usually located in the armpits and palms. The application of the toxin significantly reduces the secretion of sweat glands to inhibit the response to nerve stimulation. Read More

Dr Claudia Huicochea

Tlaxcala 161 Col. Condesa, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Claudia Huicochea Mexico City 12120
Botox The botulinum toxin , better known as Botox , is a natural protein extracted from a bacterium (called Clostridium botulinum); It is an agent of poisoning (botulism can result) which is also used as a medicine. It makes more than a decade was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat eye muscle problems; but doctors noticed that the wrinkles around the eyes improved. Thus it began to be used for aesthetics as a cosmetic product. The effects of Botox last about four months, returning to normal muscle and wrinkle being visible again. Read More

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez

Eugenia 916 Col Del Valle Benito Juarez, Mexico City - 03100,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Miguel Angel Sanchez Mexico City 13447
Botox Botox is a potent local neuromuscular inhibitor, successfully used in the treatment of movement disorders and / or involuntary muscle contraction. Expression lines are caused by contractions of facial muscles, these muscles have a constant natural tension than usual expressions such as anger, laughter, excitement, worry permanently mark the skin of the face in the peripheral zone of their actions. Read More

Telich Plastic Surgery

Camino a Sta Teresa 10551180 Magdalena Contreras, Heroes de Padierna, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Telich Plastic Surgery Mexico City 13463
Botox Botox cosmetic is a protein extracted from the botulinum bacteria and highly purified for human use. It is the only FDA approved neurotoxin for cosmetic use. Your muscles contract causing wrinkles because of a signal sent to the muscle by a nerve fiber. Read More

Medico Plastica

Av Ejercito Nacional 613 703, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Medico Plastica Mexico City 3426

Want to know how much Botox would cost in Mexico City? Contact Medico Plastica today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment would help you achieve your dream contour.

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Sensa Laser Center

Camino a Sta. Teresa 1055, Magdalena Contreras Heroes de Padierna, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Sensa Laser Center Mexico City

Every time you smile or frown, you set off a series of contractions in the underlying muscles of your face. As these muscles expand and contract, they crease your skin with an unflattering pattern of lines. Botox is simple and quick technique for treating these lines. Contact Sensa Laser Center to know more about Botox today.

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Imagen Perfect

Pestalozzi 858 Col. Narvarte, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Imagen Perfect Mexico City 12106

Botox Muscle relaxing treatment injections are mostly used to smooth out lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet), frown lines and furrows between the eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines. Contact Imagen Perfect today, to book appointment with our expert.

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