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Dr. Ewa Zabinska

ul. Urzednicza 51,3 , Krakow - 31149,Malopolskie, Poland

Ewa Zabinska Krakow 17541 1
Scar Removal

Dr. Magdalena Rubis

ul. Urzednicza 51,3 , Krakow - 31149,Malopolskie, Poland

Magdalena Rubis Krakow 17542 1
Scar Removal

Dr. Edyta Santorek

Gdansk 80, Lodz - 90613,Lodzkie, Poland

Edyta Santorek Lodz 17557 1
Scar Removal

Dr. Anna Krajewska

al. Grottgera 22,1 , Krakow - 30035,Malopolskie, Poland

Anna Krajewska Krakow
Scar Removal

Dr. Robert Szyca

ul. Labiszynska 2,, Bydgoszcz - 85304,Kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

Robert Szyca Bydgoszcz
Scar Removal

Art Aesthetics Aesthetic Medicine

Gdansk 80, Lodz - 90613,Lodzkie, Poland

Art Aesthetics Aesthetic Medicine Lodz
Scar Removal The scar is a lesion which is most often the damage of the dermis and its replacement by fibrous tissue. There is no possibility of complete removal of scar tissue, it can be adjusted to at most less visible form. The optimum effect is cienkolinijna scar faintly visible without stretching the skin. Read More

Klinika La Perla

22a ul. Wilcza , Warsaw - 00544,Mazowieckie, Poland

Klinika La Perla Warsaw 10202
Scar Removal Scars on the face and body is a problem that must be addressed comprehensively. Therefore, we offer many ways to remove acne scars, surgical and pooparzeniowych. The latest and also the most effective of these is the use of fractional laser, laser ablation ALMA or PERL BY LASER CUTERA that affects the unsightly microdamages and thus stimulates the skin to rebuild. The effect of strengthening treatments supportive therapy, such as microdermabrasion or revitalization. Read More

DerMed Center

ul. Krzywa 8, lok. 1,, Krakow - 31-149,Malopolskie, Poland

DerMed Center Krakow 10209
Scar Removal Laser SCITON ProFractional, is the most modern and most pre­cise laser for reju­ve­na­tion and eli­mi­na­tion of skin defects. Its an abso­lute revo­lu­tion in the strug­gle with the scars, wrin­kles, stretch marks, disco­lo­ra­tions, and any other skin changes. Read More

Nzoz Center of Aesthetic Medicine

al. Grottgera 22,1 , Krakow - 30035,Malopolskie, Poland

Nzoz Center of Aesthetic Medicine Krakow
Scar Removal Scar is the natural result of wound healing, in which the skin is damaged is replaced with new tissue collagen randomly distributed fibers and with poor vascularization. The cause scarring may be inflammation of the skin, for example. Acne, then we are talking about acne scars. Often due to burns to form a so-called. scar burns. Other causes include skin tissue incision during surgery, traces a history of smallpox, skin damage, and individual predisposition of the human system. As a rule, the scar is initially flushed, and then gradually fades away, going pink to yellowish or pearl. Read More

Holistic Clinic

Al. Zwyciestwa 241,6, Gdynia - 81521,Pomorskie, Poland

Holistic Clinic Gdynia 10226
Scar Removal

The type of scar removal treatment you have will depend on the features of your particular scar, such as its size, location and if its raised or depressed. A single type of treatment may be enough or you might need a combination of treatments to achieve the best results.

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