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Dr Marshall Murdoch Plastic Surgeon

Lower Level, 18 Eton Road, Parktown Johannesburg, Johannesburg - 2193,Gauteng, South Africa

Dr Marshall Murdoch Plastic Surgeon Johannesburg
Laser Tattoo Removal

There are only two effective way to remove a tattoo laser and excisional surgery. Chemical peels, dermabrasion, and injection are usually associated with very poor results. Lasers may not be able to effectively remove all ink, or all colours results vary according to the amount of ink, the colour of the ink, the depth of placement, the evenness of placement, the colour of the patients skin and the skill and equipment of the surgeon. Surgery always results in a scar which is permanent. 

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Laser Touch Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic

Suite 9, 1st Floor, Bedford Gardens Hospital, Bedfordview Johannesburg, Johannesburg - 2007,Gauteng, South Africa

Laser Touch Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Johannesburg
Laser Tattoo Removal

The medlite Q-switched laser removes tattoos ink excess skin pigment(melanin)with the enrgy of light .The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoos ink or melanin particles to break into tiny fragments which  can be remnoved by the bodys natural filtering systems.

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Vive Cosmetic Surgery Solutions

Rosebank Clinic, Rosebank Johannesburg, Johannesburg - 11579,Gauteng, South Africa

Vive Cosmetic Surgery Solutions Johannesburg
Laser Tattoo Removal

The rebellious phase in life was replaced with a more conforming state of mind.
The cultural, social or political affiliation to the subject of the tattoo has been terminated.
The tattoo acquires a negative connotation in their mind.The negative impact the tattoo presents on ones ability to make a living. Job opportunities may be reduced. Social and romantic engagement can be diminished as well.

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