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Dr. Daniel Fuchs

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Fuchs Zurich 17476 1
Chemical Peel

Dr. Karin Gaida

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Karin Gaida Zurich 17477 1
Chemical Peel

Dr. Martin Zoppelt

Theater Road 14, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Martin Zoppelt Zurich 17488 1
Chemical Peel

Dr. Risto Narancic

Seidengasse 18, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Risto Narancic Zurich 17480 1
Chemical Peel

Dr Daniel Fuchs and Partners

Lantern Lane 4 on the Limmatquai, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Daniel Fuchs and Partners Zurich 12291
Chemical Peel Peels of glycolic acid - made from cane sugar -. And other fruit acid products are lightweight, superficial peels, in which the upper layers of the epidermis are removed Light peels can be performed and an average of four should be peeled to six times every 10 to 14 days, because the effect is intensified by repetition. Read More

Bellevue Esthetics

Theater Road 14, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Bellevue Esthetics Zurich 12300
Chemical Peel Chemical peeling rejuvenates the skin and reduces elegantly superficial, less pronounced facial wrinkles, blemishes, acne and acne scars, proliferated (hypertrophic) scars, etc. Depending on the skin type and depending on their object effect, ie the intended impact and change in the skin, can the Chemical peeling done in gradual gradation: a superficial peel, medium-deep peeling and deep peeling. Read More

Dr Mark Nussberger

St Johanns Vorstadt, 70, Basel - 4056,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Dr Mark Nussberger Basel 9498
Chemical Peel

The process of chemical peel takes approximately 30 minutes for each session and it takes approximately 6-8 sessions to see a very good result depending upon the skin concern. The exact details of it can be recommended by consulting expert Dermatologists.

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DERMA Swiss Medical

Seidengasse 18, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

DERMA Swiss Medical Zurich
Chemical Peel A chemical peel improves skin texture. Chemical peeling is an umbrella term for a peeling process with substances that have an irritant (corrosive) effect on the skin. So a separation of upper and lower skin layers is effected. This method can eliminate skin imperfections and signs of skin aging (large-pored skin, blackheads, acne, fine lines, sun damage, keratinization disorders, age spots and possibly small scars). Read More
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