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Dr Basim Matti

Suite 2, 30 Harley Street, London - W1G9PW,England, United Kingdom

Dr Basim Matti London 13389
Scar Removal The techniques used and the extent of the procedure are determined with each patient, based on their individual needs. Not every patient is suitable for these treatments and therefore consultation is essential. Mr. Matti will revise with you the goals of treatment, the limitations and the possible complications or side effects of each treatment. Read More

111 Harley St Excusive Cosmetic Surgery

111 Harley Street, London - W1G6AW,England, United Kingdom

111 Harley St Excusive Cosmetic Surgery London 3315
Scar Removal

Every time the skin or tissue is cut or damaged it will heal with a scar. Scars can happen outside and inside your body. For example, you may have a scar on your skin after an injury, but you can also have scars in deeper tissues or on your internal organs where a cut has been made during surgery.

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