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Sanova Dermatology

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Sanova Dermatology Austin 11680
Mole Removal Moles are pigmented skin spots, that are usually round in shape and flat or slightly raised. They are typically brownish in color, but may be tan, pink, red, black, bluish, or colorless. Most adults have at least a few moles 10 to 40 are normal and children can be born with them (congenital moles). Moles are usually no problem. Read More

Dr Natan Yaker

4100 West 15th Street 106, Plano - 75093,Texas, United States

Dr Natan Yaker Plano
Mole Removal

The flat and brown or black in color moles are removed with laser. The procedure requires two or three sittings to a physician or dermatologists office, where he or she will apply a local anesthetic and use a laser to remove the mole tissue. Generally, laser mole removal is not appropriate for very large moles or moles that protrude above the skin.

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Dr Natan Yaker

4100 West 15th Street 106, Plano - 75093,Texas, United States

Dr Natan Yaker Plano
Mole Removal

This procedure of shave excision is used for moles that are raised above the skin. In this procedure, local anesthetic will be applied to the area surrounding the mole and use a small, sharp scalpel to shave down the surface of the mole so that it is flush with the surrounding skin.

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The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas

2360 County Road 94 104, Pearland - 77584,Texas, United States

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas Pearland 2948
Mole Removal

Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, from the nose and other facial area, as well as arms and chest areas, in groups, or by themselves. Some moles go unnoticed, however some are bothersome. The procedure of mole removal can actually help you get rid of unattractive moles.

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Tru Skin Dermatology

3500 Jefferson Street Suite 200, Austin - 78731,Texas, United States

Tru Skin Dermatology Austin
Mole Removal Some moles need to be removed because they are dysplastic or cancerous, but many are removed for purely cosmetic reasons. While cosmetic removals are not covered by insurance, we offer competitive pricing and great cosmetic results. Read More

Four Points Dermatology

6618 Sitio Del Rio Blvd Suite D101, Austin - 78730,Texas, United States

Four Points Dermatology Austin 11710
Mole Removal Removal of a mole or skin tag may be arranged for cosmetic reasons, or for comfort. Treatment involves a simple in-office procedure. After examining the growth, your dermatologist may excise (cut) the growth. Excision may be done with a scalpel or surgical scissors. In some cases, a mole can be shaved, making it level with the surface of surrounding skin. Read More

Dr Cheryl A Kosarek

7300 Remcon Circle Ste 100, El Paso - 79912,Texas, United States

Dr Cheryl A Kosarek El Paso
Mole Removal Moles are brown or black growths, usually round or oval, that can appear anywhere on the skin. They can be rough or smooth, flat or raised, single or in multiples. They occur when cells that are responsible for skin pigmentation, known as melanocytes, grow in clusters instead of being spread out across the skin. Generally, moles are less than one-quarter inch in size. Most moles appear by the age of 20, although some moles may appear later in life. Most adults have between 10 and 40 moles. Read More

Texas Dermatology

13215 Dotson Rd 100, Houston - 77070,Texas, United States

Texas Dermatology Houston 12710
Mole Removal Moles are very common. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles on their body. They may be pink, tan, brown, or a color similar the persons normal skin tone. Moles can be flat or raised. Flat moles are called junctional nevi and raised moles are called compound nevi. Read More

Dr Lisa Hitchins

10720 Barker Cypress Road Suite 200, Cypress - 77433,Texas, United States

Dr Lisa Hitchins Cypress 12723
Mole Removal Moles are irregular overgrowth of melanocytes in the skin. Melanocytes are pigment producing cells of the skin. A mole is also called a nevus. Moles are very common and are usually round or oval in shape. They may be present at birth (acquired mole) or may appear later (congenital mole). Another type of mole is an atypical mole or dysplastic mole which is usually larger, irregularly shaped and may be of uneven color. Atypical moles have a greater tendency to develop into a serious type of skin cancer called melanoma. Atypical moles are composed of pigmented cells called melanocytes. Risk of cancer is less with an acquired mole; however large numbers do increase the risk of melanoma. Read More

Dermatology Alliance

12469 Timberland Blvd, Suite 501, Fort Worth - 76244,Texas, United States

Dermatology Alliance Fort Worth
Mole Removal Moles are the most common skin growth and there are several reasons to have them removed or checked. Moles that appear to be changing or any new moles after age 30 should be checked by our team. If they have atypical features, they are shaved flat and sent in for biopsy. Read More

Wart Removal

Warts are a common benign growth that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. HPV is spread by direct or indirect contact, or by touching other people or surfaces. They can also be spread to other paRead more

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